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Why Do Men Feel The Need to Buy Expensive Engagement Rings?

Over the years, so many trends have come and gone, but one has reigned supreme for decades.

It’s the ever feared expensive engagement ring. For decades, men have been expected to shell out thousands of dollars to make that jump from boyfriend to a potential husband. 

According to The Knot’s Jewelry and Engagement Study, the average cost of an engagement ring in 2019 was $5,900. However, this is only the average. There are thousands of people spending upwards of $6,000 on engagement rings every day.

This now begs the question: Why do men feel the need to buy expensive engagement rings? Let’s dive into a few reasons why this may be the case.

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Pressure from Society

Woman's hands holding mug wearing The Alexandria on left ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

Pressure from society is one of the biggest contributors to men shelling out thousands on rings for their future wives. While a relationship is a private matter between two people, it seems that everyone feels they can weigh in on the ring. 

We’ve all seen it before. The proposal is over, and the couple is over the moon. Then all the comments start rolling in. “He did good! What a beautiful ring!” or “Wow, not a diamond?”, or my personal favorite “It’s a bit small, isn’t it?” 

For whatever reason, society has convinced us all that a diamond is the only way to go when buying engagement rings. But not just any diamond, it has to be one that can blind your friends when it catches the sun. It seems that the point of the whole engagement has been lost. It’s no longer about the love between two people, but a show of who can provide their fiancee with the most jaw-dropping ring.

The Power of the Media

Woman's hand touching blouse wearing The One and Only on left ring finger

RingThe One and Only

The media and pop culture have played a huge role in the way men look at engagement rings. They’ve all seen their girlfriend swoon at movies where a diamond ring is used in a proposal to the main character in the most perfect way. 

It’s been subtly placed into movies over the years, both romantic comedies and action films alike. The male lead will almost always opt to buy the biggest, brightest diamond for the love of his life, no matter the cost.

Whether or not it’s explicitly said in a relationship, most men have felt the pressure to deliver a ring that packs a punch. No one wants to be known as the guy that cheaps out on a ring.

The Role of Social Media

Woman holding yellow flowers wearing The Bliss rose gold set on left ring finger

Rings: The Bliss set in rose gold ($79.95)

In more recent times, social media has caused levels of human comparison to go through the roof. Entire Instagram pages are dedicated to how he asked, proposal stories, and beautiful engagement pictures. 

Along with these comes the opinions of the masses. When a photo is posted, it can potentially be seen by millions of people, many of who are waiting to pick that ring apart. 

While their fiancee would be happy with a Ring pop, many guys still want to buy a ring that can hold its own when posted on the Gram.

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Gone are the days of expensive engagement rings! 

Woman's hand touching her shoulder wearing The Belle and The Forever on left ring finger

RingsThe BelleThe Forever

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