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Winter Proposal Ideas

November 23, 2018

Winter Proposal Ideas

Between the sparkle of the snow and the twinkle of the lights, winter is a magical time of year. It’s a season to get cozy under a blanket or warm up close together by a fire. What more perfect time to ask the person you love to keep you warm forever? Check out our roundup of 10 affordable winter proposal ideas below!


Write it out in the snow ❄️

After a big snowfall, offer to go outside and shovel the driveway. Instead, write “Will you Marry Me?” in the snow and then go inside to ask them to come check out your work. When they come outside, assume the position and gush your prepared speech to them. (Don’t forget to actually shovel the drive after you snap a picture!)


Get all bundled up and go outside to play in the snow together 🧤

Have a snowball fight, make snow angels, and roll up a big snow person. When you go to put sticks on the sides for arms, slip a ring onto the branch. Pretend you are having trouble getting them to stay and ask for help. When they come over and discover the ring, ask away!

Lace up some skates and hit the ice ⛸

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Hold hands and do some laps around the ice rink and when the moment feels right, pull out the ring and pop the question! Alternatively, wait until a zamboni break and find a spot on a bench or go for a walk. 

Put her on the nice list 📜

If you celebrate Christmas, put the ring in your partners stocking. Let them find it as they pull things out on Christmas morning!

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart... ❤️

Pick a spot that is romantic or special to the two of you. Spell “Marry Me” out in lit tea lights and bring them to the spot. Then, get down on one knee!


Deck the halls 🎄

As you decorate for the holidays slip the ring onto the string of an ornament or a candle stick on the menorah. Hand the object to your partner to put up/out and watch their face as they discover it. Then take your moment!

Create your own “Couples” 12 Days of Christmas 🗓

Come up with a small activity or gift that goes with each day of your personalized poem and on the last day the true love is giving out a ring!


Fa la la la la, la la la la 🎼

Feeling creative? Rewrite the lyrics to a popular holiday/winter song (or just a song that is special to the two of you) and then on the special night bust out your singing voice and propose through song. 

Get all dressed up for New Year’s Eve 🎊

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Dance, eat good food, and instead of counting down to midnight, countdown to your proposal. Ring in the new year as an engaged couple!


Book a winter photo shoot 📸

Get a photographer to capture some romantic moments of the two of you holding hands, kissing, cuddling up under a blanket, etc. Then, when the moment feels right, pull out the ring and get the photographer to capture the whole thing!

The best thing about a proposal is it’s personalized. So, take one of these affordable winter proposal ideas and adjust it to make it perfect for you and your loved one. Happy proposing and happy holidays! 💕

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