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Work Appropriate Accessories: Styling Tips for the Office


Dressing for the office should be easy, shouldn’t it? Pencil skirt or tailored pants, nice blouse, maybe some kitten heels, and bam! You’re good to go. But then, you open up your jewelry box and are struck by the realization that you have no idea what works in an office environment and what doesn’t. Is this too flashy or showy? Do these earrings make me look professional? Will these bracelets be distracting?

Not so simple after all, is it? 

Luckily, we’ve put together a short guide that will help you pick out the perfect accessories that office chic and affordable.

Stud Earrings

woman wearing stud earrings

The best earrings for the office are generally studs. They’re simple, subtle, and typically all you need to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit. Of course, any old studs won’t do. It obviously depends on your work environment and how casual the dress code is, but it’s often best to go with minimal sparkle and lots of sophistication. A few of our top choices include:


Minimalist Necklaces

woman waring silver necklace
As hard as this might be to accept, the office is not the place to wear your bib necklace. Save that for a night out. What you need for a long day of meetings, phone calls, and computer work is something a little more casual. Minimalist necklaces provide very little distraction, complement several styles, and are suitable for everyday looks as well as work looks. We recommend: 

Simple Bracelets

 silver bracelet on woman's wrist
Bracelets are always a little iffy at the office. They can clang annoyingly against the desk or inhibit typing, but that’s only if you choose the wrong kind. Bulky beaded bracelets overstuffed with charms are out, but something a little more simple would do nicely. Bangles, believe it or not, are ideal because they are easy to slide out of the way when need be, and they’re not so bulky as to make a racket when they hit something. Our top picks are: 
The Abbey
The Gia
The Hana (which, by the way, matches The Kali perfectly)

Let’s face it―there’s always a little bit of a fashion contest going on at the office, no matter how professional the environment is. Give yourself the stylistic leg up by learning how to subtly make yourself stand out with the right accessories. After all, no look is complete without a little sparkle.