Warranty Claims

Here at Modern Gents, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of all our products. This is why we designed our Lifetime Warranty with you in mind! Whether you receive an item with a manufacturing defect, experience an issue during wear or just want your item resized, we have you covered!

Manufacturing Defects 

Our Lifetime Warranty covers any manufacturing defects on our jewelry at no cost to you. If you believe your item is experiencing a manufacturing issue, please submit a claim to us (instructions below). Once this information is received and our team has had a chance to inspect the conditions of the item, they will provide further instructions on how to proceed.

Servicing & Repairs

We understand that your jewelry is very important to you, and like all fine jewelry, can be affected by circumstances unrelated to manufacturing issues. Since our hands are actively used throughout the day, rings can be subject to wear and tear. No need to worry because our Lifetime Warranty also includes repairs and resizing services for all our products that do not fall under a manufacturing issue for a small service fee.

Submit a Warranty Claim

If you would like your item to be repaired or serviced under this process, please send us an email to hello@modgents.com with the following information.

  • Details of what type of service that is being requested.
  • Clear photos with all aspects of the item in question.
  • Your name, order number or the email used when placing the order.

Once this information is received, our team will provide further instructions on how to proceed.

The Fine Print

It is important to keep in mind that not all claims will be deemed a manufacturing defect. Some examples of common jewelry issues that are not considered manufacturing defects include but are not limited to the following:

  • Discoloration or fading due to exposure to swimming pools, hot tubs, bathing or harsh chemicals found in everyday products.
  • Items that are bent, caught or have worn out due to normal wear or other accidental damage.
  • Stones falling out due to chipping, bent prongs, or misshapen settings resulting from wear. 

Please note our warranty does not cover items that are lost or stolen

Please keep in mind that any maintenance, repair, resizing or other services such as soldering performed by someone other than Modern Gents will void the warranty on that item.