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3 Things You Need to Know About Black Wedding Rings

Let’s talk about black wedding rings: They are sleek, modern, and offer a timeless, yet unique option for style-conscious couples who want to stand out. Here are three things you should know before buying black wedding bands. Use this information to help you decide if they’re right for you!


What materials are black wedding rings made from? ⚒

Black wedding bands can be made from a wide variety of materials. Black wedding rings come in carbon fiber, black titanium, black tungsten and even black Damascus steel! 🔥

Pictured here: The Stealth

Our carbon fiber Stealth is scratch resistant, while our titanium rings are light and durable. Our tungsten rings boast the most unique designs, and our exclusive Damascus steel ring, the Valyrian shines with a one-of-a-kind wood grain pattern that won’t be replicated in any other bands.


Are black wedding rings affordable? 💸

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Yes, absolutely! Black wedding rings are a perfect choice for the budget-minded groom. In fact, the Titan, our most popular black titanium wedding band, the Infinity made with titanium steel, and the Aloha ring with wood all start at only $19.95

Pictured here: The Aloha

Other prices vary, but you can find 12 different options from the Modern Gents for under $100.


Can I buy a his and hers black wedding ring set? 💏

Most brides prefer gold or silver bands over the typical black materials like titanium, tungsten, and carbon fiber. However, there is still a way to create a matching his and hers sets with Modern Gents wedding bands. 

Pair the Elite wedding band with the simple Promise - rose gold eternity band for a stunning and unique set that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Women can also choose the sleek Infinity wedding band. It’s made from black titanium steel and super thin so it works for both men and women.

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Are black wedding bands right for you? 💍

Choosing your wedding band can definitely be a difficult feat, but our affordable options are here to help simplify the process! Modern Gents Trading Co. has 12 different options of men's black wedding bands, from silicone wedding bands to carbon fiber rings. We even have a unisex black titanium steel band for matching his and hers ring sets. With prices starting at only $19.95, even the most budget-minded bride and groom can agree that this is a spectacular deal.

Browse carbon fiber, titanium, tungsten and even Damascus steel choices from our site today to find the perfect black wedding rings for your happily ever after! ♥️