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7 HUGE Proposal No-No’s

Pulling off the ultimate marriage proposal is easier than you think!

Don't let the movies and horror stories scare you! Proposing is definitely an anxiety-inducing topic, but it's definitely doable. All you need to do is stay far away from the following huge proposal no-no’s. If you leave these out of your plans, we’re sure your proposal will go off without a hitch.

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Ring: The Grace

No-No #1: Not Having A Ring To Propose With

While a ring isn’t everything, proposing without a ring is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. A proposal isn’t complete without one. If they feel a bit uneasy about picking a ring without their significant other, they can always choose one together. When you don't have a ring, your partner may think that you're not really serious about the proposal and that you didn't put any thought into it, even if your intentions were pure. The important thing is that you have a ring to propose with, even if it’s not 100% perfect!

The Star Light set in teal velvet ring box

Rings: The Star Light set, Velvet Hexagon Teal Ring Box

No-No #2: Spending Over Budget For A Ring

Spending way over your budget for a ring is also a big no-no. While it may seem romantic to shell out the big bucks for a ring, you’ve still got an entire wedding to plan after that (not to mention your future together!). Save your money and opt for an affordable yet beautiful ring. You can find an entire collection of rings at Modern Gents that are perfect for any proposal in our engagement ring section.

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Rings: The One and Only, The Giselle

No-No #3: Cliche Proposals

No girl wants to feel like her proposal is a carbon copy of a thousand others she’s seen on Instagram. While flash mobs and sporting event jumbotron proposals are great, they might not be right for you. Make sure your proposal feels unique and special. Think about your partner's individual interests and needs, and tailor it to fit them. If you're really stuck on what to do, enlist the help of their closest friend or sibling!

The Evermore in a black ring box

Ring: The Evermore, Black Velvet Clamshell Ring Box

No-No #4: Not Taking Your Partner Into Consideration

Take your partner into consideration when you’re planning your proposal. This one seems like it's obvious (after all, you are proposing to them), but it is often overlooked. Do they like crowds? Are they okay with hundreds of other people seeing them cry? If your other half is more reserved, it may be better to plan a smaller proposal with their family and maybe a few close friends, or even just the two of you! You want them to be comfortable, so make sure the setting is right.

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Rings: The Bella, The Bliss set

No-No #5: Proposing With a Huge Audience

This goes along with the others, but a huge audience could ruin your proposal. All the screams and whoops will kill whatever romantic setting you have. We've all seen viral videos of public proposals, often from complete strangers who are simply walking by. In a world of smartphones, public proposals may not be ideal. You’ll have random people stopping to take pictures & videos and it can get very overwhelming, very fast.

The Scarlett and The Mia in a coral ring box

Rings: The Scarlett, The Mia, Coral Velvet Hexagon Ring Box

No-No #6: Telling Everyone About Your Plans

While you may be excited about your plans to propose, keep them to yourself. The last thing you want is someone spilling the beans and ruining the surprise. You tell one person to "keep it between us" and next thing you know, they tell their significant other who tells your mutual friend and it eventually gets back to your soon-to-be fiancé/e. If you need some help, only tell those directly involved in the proposal.

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Ring: The Rose set

No-No #7: Put The Ring Somewhere Crazy

Finally, don’t put the ring somewhere crazy. If you’re going out to dinner, don’t have the waiter place the ring in her cake, her bread, or at the bottom of her glass. She might accidentally ingest it or bite into it, and there’s nothing romantic about almost choking on your ring. Steer clear of the hidden rings and your proposal won’t end up with your future bride in the ER.

The Lovely and The Chloe
Rings: The Chloe, The Lovely