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a pair of art deco style rings on display

Art Deco broke on the scene in the Roaring Twenties, and the design world was remade in its image, from skyscrapers to toaster sets. It’s been a century since the Jazz Age, but the riveting geometry of Art Deco jewelry still feels bold, whether it is crafted with cutting edge technology or was handed down as an heirloom of Great-Grandma’s flapper phase. Since engagement rings themselves weld a time-honored tradition to a couple’s promising future, an art deco design can be the perfect choice. Here are four Art Deco style engagement rings that pair a modern streamlined look with vintage elegance. 

Daring Angles

Before the Art Deco era, jewelry swirled through the Edwardian Era, in which designers swooned over gentle curves and intertwined flowers. Art Deco pieces zig-zagged in a different direction. We mean that pretty literally. Zig-zag patterns are a dead giveaway for Deco, whether they are framing a doorway or drawing attention to a ring finger. Other tip-offs for this subset of vintage style engagement rings include sharp corners, straight lines and contrasting shapes. When jewelers dream of setting small squares into a halo instead of tiny rounds, their imagination is copying a page from the Art Deco handbook. And, as is fitting for an era that reset our expectations for city skylines, individual elements tended to scale up, rather than down.

the alexandria engagement ring

The 'Alexandria' Engagement Ring

Might we suggest: The Alexandria. Our first foray into the emerald cut, its bold lines earned it a place in our vintage style collection. It’s the kind of ring that pairs well with champagne flutes and dancing the Foxtrot. 

Might we also suggest: The Mia. A little bit larger than the typical wedding band, the Mia can also work as an engagement ring. It’s the sort of wedding band that is just as assertive as the brass section of the jazz band up on stage. 

a woman holding the halo ring in opal

The 'Halo' in Opal

Bold Alternative Colors

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but Art Deco jewelry reminds us that throwing a proper party means inviting everybody. Multicolored gemstone engagement rings were all the rage, with a variety of hues sparkling as centerpieces and accents. And a change in color wasn’t limited to the gemstones. Platinum and white gold plopped down next to yellow gold at the party table.

Might We Suggest: A Colorful Halo. Whether it is Tanzanite or Opal, don’t just add a dash of color. Add a dazzle of color. 

Might We Also Suggest: The Desire is the wedding band that brings out the streamlined elements in a halo engagement ring and helps complete the modern look. And like the Mia, the Desire can sally forth independently as well. 

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Timeless Rings with Vintage Style

If you’ve inherited a family treasure that has passed down through generations, that’s a powerful talisman to use as an engagement ring. It’s also possible to find other period pieces that have proven their ability to stand the test of time. Maybe you will even find the genuine article at a bargain price at that estate sale happening down the street. 

However, make sure you don’t overpay for an antique that is actually a cast-off from a high-school production of the Great Gatsby. Bold alternative colors shouldn’t extend to an engagement ring that turns the wearer’s finger green. That’s why Modern Gents backs the self-explanatory glamour of vintage style engagement rings with a guarantee of quality. Art Deco was all about pairing elegant style to modern innovation, something that Modern Gents believes in down to our very name. 

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