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broken engagement ring

Bending your engagement ring can be a source of disappointment. This cherished piece of jewelry holds not only monetary value but also sentimental significance. It symbolizes love, commitment and the beginning of a lifelong journey with your partner. 

Fortunately, a bent ring isn’t necessarily ruined. At the absolute worst, you may need to consider shopping for a new rose gold engagement ring or other ring metal option. When faced with a bent ring, remember to keep your cool and approach the situation calmly and methodically to ensure the best possible outcome. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn more about what to do next.

Assess the Damage

The first step in addressing a bent engagement ring is carefully assessing the extent of the damage. Inspect the ring closely to determine the degree of bending or misalignment. Is it a minor distortion that’s barely noticeable, or has the ring suffered significant deformation, making it uncomfortable or unsafe to wear? Understanding the nature and severity of the damage will guide you in making informed decisions moving forward.

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Remove the Ring

Wearing a bent ring can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of further damage, so we recommend taking it off right away. If you keep wearing it, the continuous pressure on the misshapen ring can exacerbate the problem, potentially leading to more severe structural issues or even causing gemstones to become loose or fall out.

Decide Whether to Fix or Replace

Examine your ring closely. If the damage is minor to moderate, it is probably worth fixing. No matter how much you love the piece, though, it may be better to replace it in cases of severe damage. You might also want to consider a replacement if your original engagement ring is made from a soft, easily bendable metal like solid 24k or 18k gold

If you decide to replace your ring, look for one that’s made from stronger metal to prevent future damage. Titanium and tungsten are great options if you’re shopping for men’s wedding rings. But whether you’re shopping for men’s jewelry or women’s, buying from us means investing in a piece made from durable sterling silver and plated in the metal of your choice. Modern Gents’ rings also feature rhodium plating exterior. A member of the platinum family, rhodium is incredibly strong and protects jewelry from scratches, corrosion and tarnish. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, making it great for people with sensitive skin. 

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Consider Your Warranty or Insurance

If your engagement ring is relatively new, it may still be under warranty or covered by an insurance policy. Many jewelers and retailers offer warranties that cover repairs and maintenance during a specified period after the purchase. 

However, when you shop at Modern Gents, we offer hassle-free returns and exchanges along with a lifetime warranty. And since our beautiful rings are so affordable, if you need to buy a new ring, purchasing a new engagement ring won’t break the bank!

Consult a Professional Jeweler

If you need an expert opinion, schedule a consultation with a skilled jeweler if you would like to have your bent engagement ring repaired. During this meeting, the jeweler will closely examine the ring to determine the best course of action for repair. They will consider the type of metal used, the design of the ring, the location and degree of the bend and the presence of gemstones. 

The specific repair options available for your bent engagement ring will depend on the nature and severity of the damage. A professional jeweler will typically offer several solutions tailored to your unique situation. 

Prevent Future Damage

Once your engagement ring has been repaired or replaced and is back on your finger, take steps to prevent future damage. While engagement rings are meant to be worn and enjoyed, they are not indestructible. There are times when it makes sense to take off your engagement ring.

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Be mindful of activities that could put excessive pressure or stress on your ring. Avoid activities that involve heavy lifting, impact or forceful contact with hard surfaces while wearing your ring. Remove your engagement ring when using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the metal. When you need to take off your engagement ring, you can always wear a sturdy silicone ring in its place! 

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Don’t Let a Bent Ring Get the Best of You

Bending your engagement ring can be stressful, but with the right approach and professional assistance, it can usually be restored to its original beauty. If not, there are plenty of more durable and affordable options you can treat yourself to as a replacement. If you’re in the market for a new engagement ring, let Mod Gent’s help you find the perfect option!


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