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Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years and makes the process of buying clothes and other necessities easy and painless. There isn’t much you can’t buy online these days. When it comes to jewelry, however, online buying can become a bit tricky. Sized pieces like engagement rings are a purchase usually made in person, but you can officially add that to your online shopping list as well.

There’s something classic about the in-store experience, whether you’re searching for affordable options or fine jewelry. That being said, with online retailers offering affordable options to buy engagement rings online, there are a lot of pros there as well. You can easily shop all sorts of engagement ring styles at once without leaving your house. If you choose a reputable retailer with a good return policy, not being able to try on a ring before making an online purchase isn’t nearly as daunting. You can even get handcrafted, custom rings online instead of going through a long process in the showroom.

You can spend days walking through jewelry stores, mumbling the four Cs to yourself and doing the carat weight math if you like, but there has to be a simpler way. Hanging out with gemologists, as interesting as they are, may not be something you want to commit weeks of your life to.

There are many benefits to buying an engagement ring online. You can save money and take your time in the comfort of your own home when pursuing an array of ring styles, like yellow gold, white gold or silver rings. Did you know that in addition to ease and comfortability, you also get the benefit of saving a lot of money when you purchase an engagement ring online? Here are a few tips for buying your wedding ring on the web that should help answer some of the big FAQs in the industry. 

1. Choose a Reputable Vendor: While all these tips are important, this is easily the most important of them all. For your safety, make sure the website you choose to buy your ring from is credible and secure. There are certainly many types of engagement rings to choose from, but do a bit of digging and read reviews from previous customers before you go through with an online transaction. You also want to be sure that your chosen website can prove that any precious metals or gems are real. Any good online jewelry brand will have a good-looking website, social media and other outlets in which you can do some research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about policies and any hidden fees associated with buying online or paying with a credit card. If you need resizing done or a return, that process is going to be significantly easier when dealing with a reputable vendor.

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2. Read the Fine Print: If you’re ring shopping for an engagement ring online, go over the vendor’s policies with a fine-tooth comb. You’ll want to make sure they ship to your location and the specifics regarding signatures and other mailing guidelines. Next, take some time to familiarize yourself with their return and exchange policies because each company is different when it comes to these. Make note of how long you have to return your ring in case you have to go up a ring size or you don’t love it as much in person. Make sure you can get your money fully refunded if possible; otherwise, you might be stuck with a hefty credit only redeemable on their products. 

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3. Declare Your Budget: It can be easy to fall into a hole of overspending when it comes to online shopping. This is especially true for engagement rings (or wedding bands, for that matter). Before you start your web search for rings, think about your ideal price range and look for rings only in that range when you modify your search. Keep your eyes open for special offers, of course, but don’t stretch your budget too thin — no matter how good the deal may seem. The good news is that affordable engagement rings are not hard to come by so you won’t have to be too choosy. At Modern Gents, you can find an affordable, quality engagement ring in just about any style that will also fit your budget. 

4. Choose Your Style: Now for the fun part! Once you have chosen a vendor with credibility, good policies and searched for styles within your chosen price range, you’re ready to choose the perfect engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to take your time with this part. It can be a scary decision to press “pay” on a ring you will essentially wear forever, so don’t rush it. Consider different styles and materials for your band. Do you want a classic look, like a solitaire ring? Do you want the band to sparkle, or just the gem on top? Do you want a certain type of prong setting? What kind of center stone are you looking for? Would you be interested in a colored gemstone ring? How do you feel about bezel settings? For the stone cut, which one would look best on your finger? Ask yourself questions and remember to stay true to your own personal style. 

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5. Get Inspiration When Needed: If you find yourself getting stuck when shopping online for an engagement ring, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration! Remember that there are many different directions in which you can go when looking for your perfect ring. Use the internet to your advantage and get your search on. You don’t have to spend days wandering through the massive jewelry districts of New York or Los Angeles anymore. Were you ever going to do that? Well, maybe not, but now you definitely don’t have to. If you have a style icon who is married or engaged, look up a photo of their ring. Search for engagement rings in your most-utilized style and see what other brides from all over the world are rocking. 

Buying an Engagement Ring 101: Everything You Need to Know