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The Different Types of Engagement Rings: An Ultimate Guide

If you’re on the hunt for that show-stopping sparkler that screams “I definitely do,” you’re going to want to get to know a few of the most popular engagement ring styles. There are, of course, the classics — we see you, solitaire! — but there’s a whole wide world of stylish and adorable engagement rings out there for your consideration. If you’re looking for unique engagement ring designs that don’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re covering the many different types of engagement rings to help you find one that sends you racing to one knee.

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Know Your Jewelry Lingo

Why do the different types of wedding rings matter, anyway? It’s simple! Understanding your options helps ensure that you get exactly what you (and your significant other) want, no matter what. Whether you’re hunting for hint-dropping ideas for your own ring or searching for options to surprise your partner, knowing the lingo will help you search and narrow down choices so you eventually find the style of engagement ring that just feels right.

Engagement Ring Settings and Styles

There are a couple of broad categories you need to understand when browsing engagement ring styles, including settings and ring cut. Let’s start with a few general settings and style options to help get you started on the right foot.

  • Solitaire — Despite its simplicity, the classic solitaire engagement ring is undoubtedly the most timeless on the list. It’s the one often depicted in cartoons and on candies and balloons to signify an engagement. Naturally, it’s the one that was rocked — pun intended — famously by many iconic stars, including Elizabeth Taylor — breaking the bank with 30+ carat fashion, by the way — and Kim Kardashian. The solitaire setting is marked by a simple, unadorned band with a single centrally placed stone.

solitaire engagement ring

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  • Three-Stone — What’s better than one? Three! The three-stone engagement ring is pretty self-explanatory — it’s quite literally an engagement ring with three stones. Rather than having a massive, single stone, it features a larger stone at the center flanked by two smaller stones. In a multi-stone ring, you’ve got plenty of options, but the most classic configuration here is one large round stone with a smaller round stone at each side. A three-stone setting can also symbolize your past, present and future together, so it holds some sentimental meaning as well.
  • Sidestone or Pavé — Love the simplicity of a solitaire setting but want a little extra bling? You’ll love the sidestone — also known as pavé setting — engagement ring. This style features a diamond band to complement the main attraction — and who wouldn’t want that? The tiny stones may extend all the way around the band or stop halfway down.
  • Bezel — Looking for something truly unique? Consider the bezel engagement ring. This out-of-the-box option comes in a range of silhouettes and styles but is marked by the way it holds the center stone. Typically, bezel rings feature a larger main stone held into the ring by a thin metal ring that creates a beautiful, slim frame to draw attention to the main attraction.
  • Halo — Cue the Beyoncé. After the solitaire, the halo engagement ring is probably one of the most popular engagement ring styles among today’s betrothed, and it’s not hard to see why. This spectacular style features a large center stone encircled — or haloed — by smaller pavé stones to create a bold aesthetic that’s extra-large and extra-sparkly. Rings with a halo setting come in a variety of shapes, with center stones cut round, square, oval, rectangular or even pear shaped.
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halo morganite ring

  • Cluster — As its name suggests, cluster engagement rings feature a cluster of stones to create one central design. If you want a look that is truly unique, cluster rings are the perfect choice. They may be placed together somewhat randomly or be set to create the illusion of a specific shape, such as a flower or a star. Cluster engagement rings are considered more unique and may play into your vintage, antique or art deco style. 
  • Infinity — These ultra-trendy engagement rings are named as such because they feature a twisting metal band that creates the look of an infinity symbol. They’re often paired with a gorgeous center stone — perhaps one surrounded by a halo of stones — for a truly mesmerizing pop of style. 
  • Flush —  A flush ring is a streamlined style that features a simple-looking band with stones set into the band so they are flush with the rest of the metal. Think of a flush engagement ring like you would think of a wedding band with set-in stones. Though unconventional, this style is becoming more and more popular, especially for those who want to be able to stack as they please.
  • Minimalist — Minimalism is everything right now, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that minimalist engagement rings are spiking in popularity. These pretty pieces are made to speak the minimalist’s language — they are dainty, simple and affordable to boot. They’re ideal for wearing alone or for stacking with a series of slim bands. Gorgeous!
minimalist rose gold engagement ring
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  • Triple Band — As its name suggests, the triple band engagement ring features three slim channels that create a thicker band. Ideal for those wearers who love a chunkier feel, this kind of ring takes up plenty of room on the finger and looks stunning when worn alone. Often, the channels of triple band engagement rings are set in glimmering stones for some big-time bling.
  • Stackable — You simply can’t deny the enduring popularity of the stacking ring. This trend is all about pairing slim bands — often in a wide variety of distinct styles — to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. If your goal is to stack your way to style, we’d recommend choosing a slim band engagement ring or something with a straight band. You could also use one of our interchangeable wedding rings or a ring from our stacked wedding ring collection as your engagement ring.
  • Decorative Band — Who says your engagement ring’s band has to be a plain metal or a simple channel studded in gemstones? Not us! Consider stepping out of the box with a non-traditional engagement ring featuring a unique, decorative band. The band can be adorned to look like leaves, flowers, swirls and more.

meadow wedding ring

Engagement Ring Stone Shapes

In addition to settings, it helps to know a thing or two about stone cuts and shapes. This way, you can use the terms as descriptors when you go searching for the perfect ring for you. For example, if you know you want a halo engagement ring, you can then search for a round- or cushion-cut option. 

  • Round — Round engagement rings are, undoubtedly, among the most classic and favored styles among those shopping for the big ring. In fact, over 60 percent of people choose a round stone for their engagement ring. So, if you like a classic look, this is definitely the right style for you! The most popular style is the round brilliant-cut gem, which features plenty of facets for an extra-sparkly glimmer.
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  • Princess — Princess cut stones are another classic shape ideal for an engagement ring. They are cut into a square and feature four beveled sides so when you view them from above, they look like an inverted pyramid shape. This cut is perfect for the bride-to-be who loves a royal, timeless look.

princess engagement ring

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  • Baguette — This stone shape sounds delicious! Baguette stones are generally rectangular with a step-cut along the side to create tapered edges, which add to the multidimensional look. This classic cut is a hallmark of pretty art deco and vintage engagement rings.
  • Asscher — Prefer a lot of glam? This stone cut is named after the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, which debuted and patented the cut in 1902. This gorgeous and radiant option is cut into a square and features prominently truncated corners, which create an almost octagonal shape.
  • Cushion — Cushion cut gems are cut squarely but feature rounded corners for a softer, more pillowy aesthetic. This supremely elegant shape is especially popular in halo engagement rings, as it creates a delightful dimension when surrounded by multiple smaller stones.
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  • Oval — This one is fairly self-explanatory as well. Oval-cut stones are elongated circles with plenty of brilliance. Although they are similar to round ones, they’re quite unique and aren’t as popular at the moment. So, if you’re looking for an engagement ring that stands out — but not too much — then this is the ring for you. It’s a choice pick for trend-setters!

vintage silver queen ring

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  • Heart — This one’s pretty self-explanatory! We are absolutely crazy about the idea of a heart-shaped diamond ring, especially for couples who are all about the romantic look. For even more love and joy, choose a heart-shaped halo engagement ring featuring a circle of glimmering stones around the heart.
  • Emerald — Emerald cut gems are similar to Asscher cuts except that they are traditionally rectangular rather than square. Traditionally, emerald cut stones are set upright, with the longer sides of the stone going up and down and the smaller ones parallel with the band. However, that’s not a hard and fast rule, and you may find styles that go longways, too.
  • Pear — Pear shaped engagement rings, also called teardrop-shaped rings, feature a central stone that’s shaped like the pear fruit, with a generally ovular shape that comes to a rounded end on one side and a point on the other. This is another one of those stunning cuts that’s a hallmark of vintage and antique wedding rings.
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  • Marquise — Also known as the football cut, marquise stones are shaped like your favorite pigskin-wrapped accoutrement. They’re similar to an oval shape but feature pointed ends for a more unique look. Marquise engagement rings are somewhat underrated, so they’re an excellent choice for the shopper looking for something that will stand out in a crowd.

How to Know Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right for You

Contrast Is Key

This is a huge thing in fashion in general. You want to know when to complement and when to contrast. You want to look for an engagement ring that is a contrast to your finger shape (for the most part). 

For example, if you’ve got wider hands or shorter fingers, you want to consider classic engagement rings like oval-shaped ones. Oval rings not only look good forever and have a bit of vintage-inspired flair, but they’ll also elongate your fingers and bring a bit more visual balance.

If you’ve got long and thin fingers, you might want to try to add some visual width when shopping different engagement ring settings. Wider bands and rounder cuts are a popular choice for longer fingers, especially if they’re on the thinner side. Cuts like round and princess are going to add a bit more visual width.

Of course, these are just examples and general rules. Go with what fits your personal style best. Pick a prong setting you like, go with a bold rose gold, do whatever you want. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be wearing it, so it might as well be something you love.

Color isn’t a big factor since it doesn’t do a ton to change the visual shape of your hands. You might be able to make a case that since lighter colors have some visual widening capabilities and darker colors provide slimming, that there’s some correlation here. Maybe you can say that rose gold is going to make your fingers look a bit wider than a carbon fiber. It’s likely going to be a negligible difference, so don’t talk yourself out of a classic yellow gold ring just because you think it’ll make your fingers look wider. It’s really going to be a negligible difference at best.

marquise engagement ring

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As you can see from the above options, there’s more to the story than just a simple round-cut solitaire engagement ring. But, hey, if that’s your thing, we totally support you! You can take your ring selection in any way you please — classic, ultra-modern, avant-garde, vintage — you name it. As long as it represents the wearer and signifies the love between the two of you, you’ll be ready to get on one knee. Be sure to explore our complete selection of stunning engagement rings to find a style that feels tailor-made to you or your bride-to-be.

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