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Choosing the perfect stone cut for your engagement ring can be a tough decision. With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and try on multiple rings in person to find your perfect shape. Furthermore, some cuts look rather similar to others, making it difficult to distinguish between one style and another. This frequently happens with cushion cut and princess cut styles due to their similar nature. When deciding between these two different stone shapes, it’s important to understand what makes them different from each other. Here’s everything you need to know about princess cut vs. cushion cut engagement rings. 

What Is a Cushion Cut? All About the Cushion Cut

What’s not to love about cushion cut engagement rings? They are both elegant and brilliant, making them a top choice for many a bride to be. A cushion cut features large facets, slightly rounded corners and usually comes in a square or rectangular shape. Cushion cut stones are sometimes referred to as pillow cut due to their rounded shape. 

The cushion cut diamond has been around for a while and remains popular due to its timeless, glamorous style. Worn by numerous celebrities around the world, the cushion cut is particularly popular in larger shapes. The softer shape and elegant nature looks great on just about everyone. This stone cut is a true classic that is sure to remain a top choice for brides to be for years and years to come.

While cushion cuts look great in just about any setting, many choose to orient their chosen cushion cut within a halo setting. This adds even more sparkle and brilliance around the perimeter of the center stone, making it all the more eye-catching! If you’re looking for a more traditional or understated look, try on cushion cut engagement rings with a solitaire setting and let a single stone shine. No matter your chosen setting, size or band style, an engagement ring featuring a cushion cut stone is sure to be classic, flattering and elegant. 

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What Is a Princess Cut? The Skinny on Princess Cut Stones

Another classic cut is the princess cut. This shape is similar to the cushion cut in some ways, though when looked at closely, there are some notable differences. A princess cut traditionally features a square shape with pointed corners. This is the major difference between cushion cuts and princess cuts because the former features a rounded corner detail. Princess cut stones are shaped like an inverted pyramid, making them seem larger on the hand and catching more light on the large surface. This cut has topped lists everywhere for being a popular choice among engaged couples everywhere. 

The actual process of cutting this style of stone is not as involved as other cuts, making the princess cut a surprisingly affordable option. This is great news for those of you who are on a budget, but don’t want to sacrifice any brilliance or sparkle on your ring finger. Princess cut engagement rings offer a modern style at a great price and distinct shape, making it a great option for almost anyone. 

Princess cut engagement rings work well with many different styles and bands. While most choose to feature their princess cut stone as one single stone on their ring, the princess cut also looks great with a smaller stone on either side of the center stone. When it comes to choosing a band, you can’t go wrong with a shiny sterling silver ring. Since the princess cut captures so much light and many different colors, gold, platinum or rose gold bands also bring a fresh look to this classic cut. Try both traditional and mold-breaking princess cut options to find the engagement ring that’s best for you! 

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Finding Your Forever Cut

The most important part of choosing a stone shape for your engagement ring is keeping an open mind. Be sure to check out several options or each cut in different styles and try them on. There’s a difference between how a ring looks in a photo or standing alone versus how it looks when it is actually on your finger! Take your time and consider our affordable options at Modern Gents for your cushion cut or princess cut engagement ring. 

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