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Deciding you’ll propose to the love of your life was the easy decision. Shopping for her ring? That’s more complicated. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring — or just looking for something beautiful to wear — you’ll likely come across the words “cushion cut” and “round cut.” If you’re not familiar with either term, or just want to learn more, Modern Gents is here to help. 

Basic Shape and Style

First, let’s cover the basics. A round cut stone, as its name suggests, is cut in a circular shape. In terms of style, it’s your quintessential diamond or alternative diamond. It’s also the world’s most popular cut stone to propose with. Half of the diamonds sold around the world, in fact, are round cut.  

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Cushion cut stones, on the other hand, are shaped like squares but with curved corners. This gives them the look of a pillow, hence the name. Because the cushion cut has been around for more than 200 years, it has a vintage feel that many women prefer — especially those who want something unique. That is why the cushion cut ring is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, giving credence to the adage that what is old is new again. 

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Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: Reflectiveness 

Both round cut and cushion cut stones include 58 sides, known in the jewelry industry as “facets.” A round cut stone’s facets are shorter in length than those of a cushion cut stone. 

Because light reflects more off smaller facets, a round cut stone has greater “brilliance,” meaning it will look brighter and have a whiter hue. Not only is a round cut more brilliant than a cushion cut, but a round cut stone also reflects a greater amount of light than any other cut that currently exists. For this reason, round cut stones are often much more expensive than cushion cut stones of similar quality and size — that, and the fact that diamond cutters must start with a larger stone to cut a round shape than they do a cushion shape. 

On the other hand, because of the way light reflects off a cushion cut’s larger facets, this style of stone emits greater “fire” than the round cut, meaning it has more color, which many people value. 

These are each an important consideration when determining the right cut stone for you or the person you’re buying it for. 

Other Cuts and Settings 

If you’re not convinced that either a round cut or cushion cut stone is right for you, Modern Gents also offers princess cut engagement rings that affirm every bride is a princess. For an eye-catching, asymmetric look, we offer pear shaped engagement rings. And for something beautiful and just a little unique, we have oval engagement rings.

Finally, if you are picking out an engagement ring, you still need to select a ring setting. At Modern Gents, we offer every major style, including the halo setting, a large stone offset by smaller stones around the band, and the solitaire setting, a large stone beautiful enough to stand on its own. 

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What Makes Modern Gents Unique?


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Given the topic of conversation, Modern Gents wants to be transparent, in that we do not support inhumanely-mined diamonds. The demand for blood diamonds has helped spur an industry that has often used child labor and underpaid women, ravaged the environment and helped fund wars in developing nations. That is why each of our jewelry pieces is made from conflict-free materials, including simulated diamonds that are man-made and look exactly like a perfect, glistening diamond. 

When people shop for diamonds or other stones, they typically care about: 

Cut: The style the stone is shaped, as discussed above. 

Color: How bright and white the stone is. 

Clarity: How flawless the stone is (every naturally occurring diamond is imperfect).

Carat: How large the stone is, or what its weight is. 

Cost: Each of the qualities above will significantly impact the price tag. 

Consider, then, that:

Each of our stones is stylized in one of the world’s most popular cuts. 

Each of our stones is as bright, colorful or white as any conflict diamond.

Each of our stones is more flawless than any conflict diamond is capable of being. 

Each of our stones is available in as large a size as any woman would want on her hand.

Each of our stones is available at a very small fraction of the price of a conflict diamond.

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Our Round Cut and Cushion Cut Rings

Modern Gents is proud to offer both round engagement rings and cushion cut engagement rings made from conflict-free materials — that won’t turn your finger green. 

Each of our ladies’ bands are made of 925 sterling silver and finished with your choice of rhodium plating or rose gold to ensure your ring is as strong as the relationship it symbolizes. Our jewelry also comes in a variety of styles to match the personality of every woman, whether she prefers classic, modern or vintage. 

  • If you’re hoping she’ll say, “I do,” then might we suggest Modern Gents’ “The I Do.” Our endlessly romantic halo set ring features a gorgeous round cut 1.75ct simulated diamond, complemented on either side by three glistening stones.
  • If only one style of engagement ring existed, it would probably look like Modern Gents’ “The One and Only.” Our solitaire set ring is effortlessly beautiful, featuring a round cut 2ct simulated diamond, complemented by a classic yellow gold-plated band. 
  • If your objective is to turn heads, few rings will command attention like “The Lovely,” Modern Gents’ halo set ring featuring a magnificent cushion cut 3ct simulated morganite, complemented by a playful assortment of stones and a rose gold-plated band. 
  • If you believe the simplest things are often the most stunning, Modern Gents offers you “The Layla.” Our solitaire set ring features a cushion cut 1.25ct simulated diamond paired beautifully with the shimmering silver hues of a rhodium-plated band. 

A (Cushion) Cut Above The Rest

Whether you prefer a stone that is round cut or cushion cut, the meaning behind your ring is what will always matter most. At Modern Gents, our mission is to provide every woman with jewelry as beautiful as they are — at a price that you and the world can afford.  

That is why we believe our jewelry is a cut above the rest.

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  • Bay Billups

    This is the most amazing information filled post. Weather it is shopping for your first or your 10 year this explains everything about the rings, the cuts, the terminology snd the history. This was most helpful and which I had in my 10 year ago search. I have it now for my multiple rings. People question “multiple” rings? Yes. I have a medical disorder that causes me to swell from a 7 to a 10.5 for unknown periods of time. It was heartbreaking to be isolated in the hospital feeling I couldn’t wear even my band. Then we found Modern agents. My husband of meds than 3 months said “in sickness and in health I will marry you in all times”. He has!! Depending on my baseball glove like hands or my nice thin piano like fingers he just changes the ring. Nothing like Modern gents comes close to offering anything like this! I will always be grateful to them for such a selection during any stage of my illness for what they have given us. Forever and always Bay Billups