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Should You Match Your Wedding Bands?

Matching his and hers wedding bands is a time-honored tradition passed down through the ages. Matching rings between the bride and the groom not only is it a symbol of love and commitment, it’s also symbolic of marital unity, when two become one. It’s an outward manifestation of the inner joining that occurs between two souls in holy matrimony, each ring representing one half of the whole and the commitment to honor each other forever.

Before matching wedding band sets came on the scene, puzzle rings called Gimmel rings were quite popular, especially during Renaissance times. Gimmel rings were joined together during the wedding ceremony and then worn by the woman there after.

What’s a Match, Anyway?

Couple wearing wedding rings

Rings: The Evermore, The Elite

Depends on who you ask! Though some couples opt to purchase matching wedding bands, barring differences in size, matching really boils down to the bride and grooms personal preferences. Some couples like their rings to match not necessarily identically, but match in details, style, or design. There are many different options when buying wedding rings that allow a couple to “match” yet still have a ring that’s uniquely their own. This includes buying wedding rings of the same metals and materials, or complimentary metals.

Some couples really love contrast and choose matching designs based on how well the details and materials contrast with each other. Some couples may opt to make their wedding rings from the same material but choose a completely different style and design. Choosing matching wedding bands can really simplify the hunt for the perfect ring, too. Once you find one, it’s easy enough to find the other! It also makes budgeting less stressful, which is great if your budget is small and you’re trying to make it stretch.

Though it’s nice to choose rings that have matching elements or features, remember it’s not a requirement for a successful marriage. Rings that are wildly different still represent the same love and commitment as matching wedding rings. Rings that don’t match aren’t any less unique or meaningful.

Decide to Match Together

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Rings: The Infinity

Matching is a personal choice, but it should be agreed upon by you and your spouse-to-be. Some men could give two rips whether or not their wedding band style matches their honey, while other men believe in the symbolism of unity matching with the women’s band represent and want to declare their union loudly and proudly. In some cases, the bride-to-be may be the one who doesn’t give a rip whether your rings match! You should discuss your preferences together and if neither of you feel strongly about matching bands either way, you can look at other considerations, such as rings that fit your lifestyles, not necessarily rings that match.

However, if you both feel strongly they should or shouldn’t match, go with that! It makes shopping a whole lot easier when you’re both on the same page. And if for whatever reason you and your lady love disagree on whether rings should match, you will have time to reach a happy compromise. Maybe that means choosing rings that are complementary, rather than identical. Every couple is different, which is why it’s important to discuss what you both want beforehand. Then you’ll know exactly what to shop for once you’re ready to buy. 

Ways to Match Your Wedding Bands

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Ring: The Halo Ruby

There are many ways to match wedding bands, even if you purchase them separately and they aren’t an identical set. A popular option is to choose wedding bands that when placed together, make one shape or pattern. Each ring wearer can have their ring represent one half of the same whole. When placed together, they look like a single design. When apart, they are like two pieces of a puzzle, ready for their mate. Some couples do this with infinity signs or hearts, but you could theoretically do it with just about any shape you can come up with.

Married couple's hands making a pinky promise

Ring: The Inferno

Other ways to match the bride and groom’s wedding bands include:

  • Choosing rings with metals and materials that complement each other
  • Choosing rings made from the same materials, just different in style
  • Choosing rings made from materials that contrast with each other
  • Choosing rings with contrasting design elements
  • Choosing rings with the same gemstones and cuts

Even if you decide to wear totally unique rings that look nothing alike, because you’re both independent, creative types that want what you want… you could still get a matching engraving or inscription to tie the two rings together. It would be a personal secret just between the two of you and keeps the symbolism of unity intact.

Finding Matching Wedding Rings Together

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Rings: The Evermore set, The Woodsman

Some couples find themselves unable to decide on whether they’d like their wedding rings to look alike or not. His and her rings are extremely popular, true, but not all bride and groom wedding bands have to match to be meaningful. If you can’t make up your mind one way or another as a couple, why not shop together?

Sometimes shopping together for your wedding rings can be more meaningful than the ring itself. It’s a fun memory you can make together that you will be able to look back on for years to come. Not only that, but you can browse and evaluate rings together, and learn what styles and detailing appeal to you both.

Some couples might even find themselves drawn to similar cuts, materials, and designs naturally, which makes the final selection super simple. Shopping together is also a great way to take your time and not purchase the first pair of wedding rings you think you like. Take photos or save photos of a few different options and decide to sleep on it. Then you can review your choices the next day and come together on a final decision without being caught up in a shopping frenzy. Your wedding rings are a keepsake and reminder of the commitment for eternity. You’ll be staring at them and wearing them for a good long while, so make sure you and your honey are choosing wedding bands you’re both in love with.

Why Bother Matching Your Wedding Bands?

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Rings: The Grace, The Excalibur

Couples that are very traditional love to find his and hers wedding rings. Even couples that never thought of themselves as traditionalists, sometimes find themselves buckling to the tradition of matching their wedding rings, if only because of the inherent symbolism. Getting married means two become one and you are both committing to a lifetime together, warts and all.

By wearing rings that match or complement each other, it’s like saying you’re perfect for each other, two peas in the same pod. Besides, buying his and hers wedding rings is romantic and can add that extra special finishing touch to a wedding day already rife with ceremony, tradition, and romance. Who doesn’t want to add a little extra romance to such a monumental day?

Some couples decide to go with his and hers wedding bands simply because it’s more economical and fits their budget better. There’s nothing wrong with starting a marriage off with some practicality. It will serve you well far into your future. Besides, you can funnel any money saved into purchasing your first home or planning an amazing honeymoon together! And since a band set might be less expensive than creating two custom wedding rings, it not only helps you stick to a budget, it also significantly narrows down your choices, which makes shopping for the perfect wedding rings less stressful and time consuming.

When Not to Match Your Wedding Bands

Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

Rings: The Lovely, The Elite

When you can’t agree, obviously! You definitely don’t want to purchase a set of rings that one of you loves, while the other only kind of likes. Making one of you wear a ring that doesn’t suit your tastes puts unnecessary strain between the two of you, even if game faces are on.

You also don’t want to choose matching rings if you’re both into being unique and bucking tradition. You can instead choose rings that complement each other nicely, yet still reflect your own individual styles and tastes. It’s a win-win.

However, if you are extremely particular, even complementary rings might not be ideal for you. Unless you and your spouse-to-be look eerily alike, it will be hard to find matching rings that complement both your skin tones, or hand sizes, or finger shape. In that case, you’ll want to choose a ring that’s custom-made just for you.

The Admiral, The Meadow, and The Eternity in ring box

Rings: The Admiral, The Meadow, The Eternity

Though you’ll pay more custom designed wedding rings, it can be an excellent way to express your individuality, yet still have something about your wedding rings that ties them together in some way.

It could be a unique engraving, a special inscription on the inside of the band, contrasting stones like black and white diamonds, or some kind of centerpiece detailing that you both agree on. There’s really no end to the ways a wedding ring can be customized except by your own imagination. So, do wedding bands have to match? Only if you want them too.