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We know you want to wear your wedding ring as much as possible. After all, it’s a part of one of your most important relationships and represents a huge milestone in your life! However, there are some parts of life that just do not mesh well with gemstones and precious metals. Furthermore, you want to protect your ring at all times and avoid unnecessary damage or loss. 

One specific situation where your traditional metal ring might not be ideal is when you’re working out or at the gym. Weight lifters everywhere can agree that having your wedding ring mashed into your finger while lifting is not fun at all. As an added workout faux pas, sweat and a wedding ring don’t mix very well. Between finger swelling and a general uncomfortable vibe, working out while wearing your engagement ring and wedding band might not be the best option. Modern Gents is here to help you solve all your workout-related wedding ring issues! Here’s what you need to know about wearing your ring while working out. 

Should You Wear a Wedding Ring While Working Out?

If you’re into weight-based workouts or would like a different option for your wedding ring, look no further than the world of silicone wedding bands. Silicone bands are made for movement and any kind of workout. The flexible nature of silicone protects against damage, chipping or breaking and isn’t hurt by sweat or dirt. The best part? Silicone bands are so easy to clean and feel comfortable on your finger even if it swells during a hot and sweaty workout or activity. 

Silicone wedding bands are great for workouts because they won’t pinch your hand when lifting weights, gripping bike handles or handling other exercise equipment. The silicone bands come in many styles and colors so you can personalize them just like you would your regular wedding ring. Furthermore, the athleisure style of a silicone band will match your casual or athletic gear perfectly. 

While many buy silicone rings as a workout substitute for their primary wedding rings, it can also be used in other cases. Some choose a set of silicone bands as their first rings while they save up for a more traditional option. In other cases, some couples choose to wear silicone rings while traveling in order to prevent losing their rings or having them stolen while away from home. You might even want to wear a silicone wedding band while doing activities and chores like gardening, cooking, cleaning, construction or yard work. Many people who use their hands while working (think chefs, welders, mechanics, etc.) wear silicone rings because they’re safe to wear while on the clock. A silicone band can be extremely useful in so many situations! Our silicone rings are hypoallergenic as well, so you don’t have to worry about having a weird reaction when wearing your silicone ring!

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The Clean Version

If you ended up wearing your ring for a sweat session, it’s probably in need of a good cleaning. Keeping your wedding ring clean is a must for preserving the shine and brilliance. You want to keep your ring in the best shape for as long as possible, so making a ring cleaning session part of your regular routine is a great idea. This is especially important after a sweaty workout if you prefer to exercise with your engagement ring on your finger. If you’re wondering how to clean an engagement ring, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home. 

If your ring gets dirty while working out or if it just needs a good tune-up from time to time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Stay away from household cleaners, typical jewelry cleaning solutions, harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners. These can wear down the plating and reduce the overall shininess of your engagement ring. Instead, all you need is clean, warm water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap. Once your ring has had a good long soak in the solution, scrub the ring gently with a clean toothbrush and dry with a microfiber towel. It really is that easy! Cleaning your wedding ring regularly after workouts or other dirty activities will ensure long-lasting sparkle and shine. 

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Play It Safe

There are some cases when going ringless is best. For example, if you swim in a chlorine pool, it’s best to leave your wedding ring safely behind so as not to damage it with chemicals found in the pool. Similarly, it’s best to take off your ring while showering or using chemical-heavy products like cleaning solutions, paint, bleach and other strong substances that might damage the stones or metal. It’s better to keep your ring off and safe in these situations rather than running the risk of creating permanent damage. 

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