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Does the Wedding Band Come With the Engagement Ring?

Getting married is a big step. Many men start by buying an engagement ring before getting down on one knee and making their big proposal. However, before you start shopping, you might be wondering whether the wedding band comes with the engagement ring? After all, it does seem more efficient if engagement and wedding rings come together in pairs, right?

rose gold affordable and inexpensive cushion halo engagement ring wedding band set

Rings: The Evermore set

Well, you’re not wrong! The truth is, you can buy your fiancée a bridal set piece that will encompass both the wedding band and the engagement ring together. This makes life infinitely simpler than purchasing the engagement and wedding rings separately and having to struggle to match them later. You might not find quite the same style or design of your wedding jewelry if you purchase the engagement ring today but wait and look for a matching wedding band six months from now.

In fact, that’s probably the main reason bridal sets were invented in the first place, to take all the guesswork out of matching the engagement ring with the wedding ring. The only thing left to match up is with the men’s wedding bands, and pffft… that’s easy! Some jewelers even create three-ring wedding sets, which truly takes all the pressure off by including the men’s wedding bands as well. You just have to find that singular set and you will be ready for both the marriage proposal and the marriage ceremony, no fuss, no muss.

yellow gold solitaire engagement and wedding ring set affordable and inexpensive

Rings: The One and Only, The Promise

Considerations for Engagement Rings with Wedding Bands

You should never start shopping without knowing what wedding jewelry style you’re looking for. Not only does it waste time, it could cost you more in the long-run. Consider what kind of style and design you are looking for before trying to compare a different bridal sets. There are many engagement and wedding rings to choose from, like twist designs, or solitaire designs, to interlocking designs that puzzle together.

You also want to decide what kind of materials, style and detailing you are looking for. White gold with rose gold trim? A diamond or some other precious stone? You want to choose ring materials and style features that  your bride-to-be will love and that match up with her lifestyle and tastes, as it is jewelry she will wear for eternity.

stunning dainty petite engagement and wedding dainty affordable inexpensive sterling silver ring set

Rings: The Cambria, The Forever

If you know she’d be mortified or terrified to walk around town with a massive diamond flashing on her left ring finger, you probably should look for something more understated. If she loves the bling, you can look for wedding jewelry that’s really sparkly and pretty. Just be careful not to go over budget, because you don’t want to start your marriage off with debt before things even get off the ground.

You’ll also want to find out your lady’s left ring finger size, because some styles do not lend well to resizing later. It would be a shame to invest in a beautiful bridal set you know she will love, only to find it doesn’t fit, can’t be resized, and therefore has to be returned for something that does. Avoid the heartache and make certain of her ring size before considering a bridal set.

rose gold pear shape engagement and wedding ring set teardrop inexpensive affordable beautiful halo

Rings: The Bliss set

Once you’ve decided on these essentials for the perfect ring, you can then determine if you want to look for a bridal set that’s ready to rock, or if you want to create a customized bridal set that’s unique and perfect for your lady love. It’s best to have a professional jeweler to help you with this, to ensure the perfect engagement ring and wedding band are well-matched. One of the most common mistakes is to accidentally choose shapes that don’t match up, which makes for an awkward fit.

It’s also easy to accidentally choose the wrong types of precious metals for a bridal set, which can lead to damage down the road. You have to be careful to select engagement and weddings rings that’s proportional, too. Things like weight and size can make a big impact. If you buy a large diamond or stone, but the wedding band is too small to really offset it, the resulting look is mildly ostentatious. On the other hand, if you go with a more modest engagement ring, but buy a larger wedding band, it can make the engagement ring appear underwhelming, to say the least.

beautiful affordable inexpensive sterling silver solitaire engagement ring and wedding band set

Rings: The Star Light set

So, does the wedding band come with the engagement ring? Yes, it can. But if you don’t want a bridal set, there are always options. Talk with your jeweler and get an expert opinion before committing to a major purchase for the big day!