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Engagement photos are some of the most memorable snapshots of life before your wedding day. They can take you back to such happy memories of your engagement and relationship. While the engagement is, of course, about the relationship and the couple, it’s also about the engagement ring! Chances are, you’re obsessed with your beautiful new engagement ring and you just can’t wait to share it for all the world and social media to see, but what is the best way to capture your new bling? We’re here to help with that. Here are some tips and tricks for taking the perfect engagement ring selfie. 

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1. Study Your Ring

Before you take an engagement ring photo, it’s important to know more about the ring. Make sure you know the cut and style of the ring for reference. Study how it looks on your finger. See how it catches the light at different angles and take note of whether the ring looks more brilliant in indoor or natural light. With all the looking and studying of your ring, you might notice a need for primping or polishing of the piece. It’s important to know how to clean an engagement ring before you snap a pic. (Hint: It’s not hard and you can do it from home!) 

Next, look up some inspiration. That’s right, gather some ring selfie ideas from Instagram, Pinterest and everything in between. Some brides have gotten quite creative with taking engagement ring selfies, like showing off a fresh manicure with your gorgeous halo engagement ring. There is nothing wrong with taking a little bit of swag from another bride-to-be! See what you like, don’t like and what photos fit your personality best. 

2. Lighting Is Your Friend

We know you want your engagement ring to sparkle at its brightest, so remember that more light is better. You’ll be amazed at how your sparkler really shines when the sun hits it just the right way or if you stand in front of bright lights. When you and your fiancé are taking engagement announcement photos with your new ring, make sure to find the light. This means that the light is hitting your face and that the ring has its own light as well. 

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Try to get photos in prime daylight as this means you will be getting the most sun. If you are taking an engagement ring selfie indoors, open the blinds or windows to take advantage of the natural light or turn on nearby lamps and overhead lights for added brightness. Consult the photo editing settings on your phone or computer for added brilliance and brightness if needed. 

3. Work Your Nails

We’ve all seen a photo or two of a beautiful ring on a not-so-beautifully manicured finger. It’s an engagement ring faux pas that can be easily avoided! If you like to go to the salon, pick a color that complements the sparkle in your engagement ring by adding some glitter or even a bright pop of color. If you prefer to do your nails at home, pick a color you love and feel great in or try something new and bring home a new fun color for the occasion. For those who like to keep things clean and simple (no colored polish), you can add shine by brushing on a clear top coat of nail polish or simply cut and file your nails to streamline their length and symmetry. Whichever nail look you choose is sure to show your personality and bring out the shine in your engagement ring!

4. The Magic of Editing

Look, we may be spoiling this for you, but pictures aren’t perfect once they’ve been taken. Maybe your ring finger close-up is a little blurry, or you end up holding hands and the pic was taken at an awkward angle. A good photographer takes better raw photos than we could ever put together, no matter how many hours we spend in Adobe Lightroom. If you’ve got a really good photo that isn’t exactly perfect, chances are you can download your editing apps and get to work. If you can’t, hey, no worries. Head back to the camera and try it again.

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Take The Best Engagement Ring Selfie

A great engagement ring selfie starts with the perfect engagement ring. The good news is that finding your perfect ring doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. At Modern Gents, we have a host of different types of engagement ring styles for you to choose from. At the end of the day, your love and excitement for your ring will show through no matter the photo. The most stunning engagement ring is the one you’re in love with. Yeah, that sounds cheesy, but whatever. It’s true, though! If you love the ring you have on your finger, that’s the most important element of all this.

Spending less on an engagement ring could save you money on other important wedding planning-related expenses, like a wedding manicure, wedding jewelry and a photographer who can help you showcase your gorgeous engagement ring. At Modern Gents, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect ring in any way we can. Once you find the ring that fits your style, budget and personality best, be sure to take lots of photos and tag Modern Gents!

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