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Well, one’s hidden. Article over. Kidding! Well, mostly. Technically, that is the difference, but it’s a tiny bit more complex than that. Halo designs are definitely popular, but the lesser-known option is the hidden halo. If you’re not familiar, you may want to include it on your list of affordable engagement ring options after you learn about it!

What Is a Halo Ring?

Well, first of all, a halo is a setting for any ring. It isn’t technically a ring in its own right so much as a modifier to a ring, but that’s splitting hairs. You might hear them referred to as halo settings or as halo rings. Whichever term is used, it’s the same thing. 

A halo setting is a small ring of accent stones that go around the main stone. Often this setting follows the outside of the stone exactly, though you’ll sometimes find that the halo is in a shape different from that of the main stone.

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Why Do People Like Halo Settings?

Halo settings add some character to otherwise simple rings. It’s a way to add just a bit more personalization to your engagement ring without adding a significant cost. If you want to catch the light better or just add some visual heft and appeal to your ring, a halo setting is a great way to do that.

Characteristics of a Halo Setting 

The main defining point of a halo style engagement ring is your ability to see it straight on. A regular halo setting sits on the top of the table and is visible when you look directly down at it. It’s bright and easy to see immediately.

What Makes a Hidden Halo Different?

The hidden part means it can’t be seen looking directly at it. Unlike the regular halo, where the ring is at the top of the table, the hidden halo is smaller than the diameter of the top of the table. 

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Having a smaller diameter means the halo will sit below the top of the ring and have a slightly smaller diameter than the top of the stone. This accomplishes that “hidden” element, meaning you’ll only see the halo when you look at the ring from its side. 

Why Choose a Halo Setting? 

The main appeal is visual flair. It makes your center stone look a bit bigger and gives it just a bit of extra style. If you value being on-trend, halo settings are incredibly popular right now.

Why Consider a Different Setting?

For the same reason one might pick a halo setting, others might avoid it. It is trendy and really popular, but there’s always a risk in hopping on a trend. Some things that start as trends have staying power and end up sticking around and becoming classic looks. Others, like our beloved hammer pants, do not.

Why Choose a Hidden Halo Setting?

If you like the halo for its ability to catch the light, a hidden halo can do that even better. Because of its unique angle, it can catch light from all sides more adeptly than a traditional halo sitting on the top of the table.

The Aurora

Featured: The Aurora

Hidden halos are a more unique setting. If you appreciate taking a more unconventional route, you might find yourself leaning toward the hidden halo. If halo rings end up being a trend that fades away, a hidden halo will likely have better staying power since it’s, well, hidden. A subtler design like this one may likely better stand the test of time.

Why Reconsider a Hidden Halo Setting?

This won’t sit as well with those looking to make a bolder statement with their ring. You may also have a harder time getting to the setting to really clean it properly. It’s doable but more work. If you don’t want to commit to a ring that may be a bit more work, this may not be the choice for you.

Whether you hide it or let it show, a halo setting can make any ring sparkle. While they both have their pros and cons, the extra character and intrigue will help make your ring one of a kind!

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