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Halo vs. No Halo Engagement Ring: Which One Is Right for You?

Featured: The Belle and The Desire in Rose Gold

Halo engagement rings are a popular style you’ll find on many a finger today. The sparkle of a halo brings a whole new level of glamour to an engagement ring, and hidden halos offer a more subtle (but no less gorgeous) take on the style. 

However, just like any fashion choice, halo rings aren’t for everyone! It’s all about finding the style that will look great on your partner. Here, we’ll cover the basics of halo engagement rings, plus hidden halo and no-halo styles, to help you discover a ring that’s just right.

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo engagement ring’s concept is pretty simple: It’s a setting of smaller accent stones that enclose the engagement ring’s center stone. A pavé setting holds the stones in place, and the setting’s shape follows the center stone’s shape. 

Halo rings are perfect for anybody who loves a little luxury. They create mind-boggling levels of sparkle and brilliance that instantly take a setting from understated to opulent! Plus, many halo designs add even more stones, such as channel-set stones on the ring shank. There’s basically no limit to how fabulous a halo engagement ring can get, and that’s exactly what many folks want from their ring.

The Camille

Featured: The Camille

What About Hidden Halos?

A hidden halo is basically the same as a normal one — accent stones in a pavé setting around the center stone. The difference is the setting’s location. On a hidden halo ring, the halo is placed underneath the center stone, so it’s not visible when viewed head-on. See it from the side, though, and you’ll discover a lustrous halo of stones!

Hidden halos have been a trendy style for years, thanks to their enticing twist on the classic halo setting. They’re elegant and luxe, but less flashy than traditional halos. For a best-of-both-worlds approach that gives your partner a “little secret” to enjoy, hidden halos are a wonderful choice.

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No Halo Rings

Finally, of course, there are plenty of engagement ring designs that don’t use the halo setting at all. Many are inspired by traditional wedding rings' clean and simple designs and often feature a classic solitaire setting

However, a no-halo ring doesn’t always mean a minimal design. Some rings without a halo simply can’t accommodate one because they have too much else going on! The no-halo category encompasses everything from the simplest vintage-style rings to the most elaborate and out-there styles. 

Getting to Know Halo and No Halo Rings

This selection of halo rings from Mod Gents shows you some of the many cool ways that a halo or hidden halo ring can work:

  • The Belle: A classic halo design with just the right balance of luxury and class. 
  • The Princess: An opulent halo ring with a massive princess-cut stone and a bold split-shank design.
  • The Elena: A hidden halo ring that’s as graceful as it is comfortable, with a solitaire-styling setting that conceals a brilliant halo beneath.

On the other hand, make sure to consider our no-halo designs as well, including:

The One and Only

  • The One and Only: Pictured above, The One and Only is a basket-set solitaire ring designed for the kind of classic splendor you can’t go wrong with.
  • The Meadow: An intricate leaf setting that’s practically shimmering with natural beauty. 
  • The Zara: If you want a half-halo look (yes, we just made that up), The Zara is a double-shank design that’s daring, playful and elegant all at once. 

Halo vs. No Halo Engagement Ring

So, what’s the final verdict: halo, hidden halo or no halo? Much as with any question about rings, the only real answer is that it’s totally up to you (and your soon-to-be fiance). 

  • A halo engagement ring is an awesome option if you’re buying for someone who loves to stand out and shine brightly! They’ll love the head-turning radiance of a halo ring, and you’ll love showing them off when they wear it.
  • A hidden halo engagement ring makes a perfect choice for someone who likes to keep it extra classy by holding something back. It’s a more subtle style, but with an expressive side that comes out just under the surface. 
  • An engagement ring with no halo is great for someone with a taste for more reserved jewelry styles (such as a solitaire setting). However, no-halo styles can also be quite luxurious in themselves, so going without a halo might also be the best choice for those who want something a little more unusual.

All-in on a halo or hidden halo ring? Shop our halo rings now and find the perfect style for your soon-to-be fiance! Thinking about going for a ring without a halo? Check out our full selection of engagement rings for women and discover just how many styles are available.

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