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a close up of a man wearing a tungsten wedding band with his hand on a railing

Tungsten is tough, no question. It means “heavy stone” in Swedish. Any element deemed heavy in a Scandinavian language is going to be heavy that’s the same part of the world that crowded into the World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame and gave us wife-carrying as a sport. And if tungsten’s density isn’t formidable enough, get a load of its chemistry. It owes its chemical callsign “W” to a mineral called Wolframite. In case you were wondering, wolframite means “devourer of tin” and it represents our main source of tungsten. So yeah, tungsten isn’t messing around. 

Tungsten rings for men are so popular because high durability and low upkeep are part of the deal. However, even though tungsten is tough, it still benefits from some tender care. Think of the Viking Berserker that still makes time for axe sharpening maintenance. Or consider this: neglecting to clean that tungsten band is just offering a sturdy foundation for a layer of grime. Don’t let filth find a footing on your finger with these tips for keeping tungsten clean.

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It’s worth mentioning that most of our general ring care tips apply to tungsten. Avoid getting it needlessly dirty or damaged. Again, we know it's durable. But just because your Jeep can go off-road, you don’t have to drive across every median you see. Tungsten has an incredibly high scratch resistance (another reason we included it in our line of men’s wedding rings), but no metal is utterly unscratchable.

a mens tungsten wedding band with a diamond studded wedding band and engagement ring set

Similarly, don’t test tungsten’s endurace with harsh chemical cleaners. If your first impulse is to reach for a bottle of bleach, ignore it. Don’t punish your ring just by trying to polish it! 

Self-care is a part of ring care as well. Before you hop on the row machine or plunge your hands into a bowl of raw meat, consider shedding your tungsten jewelry. That closes the door on ring avulsion and germ transmission. 

What Is Ring Avulsion?

Even if you are taking reasonable precautions, your tungsten ring is still going to get dirty. And when it does, the best approach is a gentle soak with some soapy water. We recommend some mild dish soap hopefully, you aren’t being too harsh on your dishes either! It doesn’t take that much just a few drops in a shallow basin. Leave it there for just a few minutes before rinsing it off and setting it somewhere safe to begin the drying process. 

Don’t rely on evaporation and gravity to do all the work. Wipe away the last bits of moisture off with a non-abrasive material. Speaking of abrasion, keep tungsten separate from your other jewelry made from softer, more scratchable metals when you are rinsing, drying or storing your ring. That tungsten ring may fit in with them when it comes to eye-catching shine and supple elegance, but don’t forget the unyielding toughness of its composition.

a man with a tungsten wedding band holding his wifes hand

Thor’s legendary hammer is made from a mythical substance named Uru. We didn’t have access to Asgard for source material or the heat of a dying star as a forge when Modern Gents needed to craft our own Hammer. So we chose Tungsten, and are infinitely pleased with the result. Like Marvel’s miraculous mallet, it’s lighter on a worthy hand than seems possible, and good stewardship is essential. So keep that hardy metal a hearty clean.

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