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How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

In love with your ring and want to share it to the world?

Do yourself and your partner a favor by showcasing your ring in the best way possible!

Here are a few tips on getting that perfect ring selfie for the ‘gram.

1. Get your nails done.

Woman's hand wearing The Princess

Ring: The Princess (photo: @curlysue_21)

Yes, really. Even if you’re not into polish, clean up those cuticles and keep your nails well trimmed. Nothing takes away from a gorgeous ring than some dirt under the nails! You want to keep your ring as the focus of the picture, so don’t let anything distract from it.

2. Snap now, crop later.

Woman's hand wearing The Evermore

    Ring: The Evermore (photo: @nikoldw)

    Don’t zoom in on your phone’s camera. This will distort the image and make it look low-res. The best thing to do is to physically move your phone closer to the ring, then crop to your liking if you still want it a bit closer.

    3. Choose a beautiful background.

    Woman's hand wearing The One and Only

      Ring: The One and Only (photo: @jolene.jarvis)

      Enhance your ring with a background that’s just as gorgeous! Whether you choose to go out in nature or create your own setup at home, keep color palette and styling in mind.

      4. Add your fiancé(e) into the photo!

      Woman's hand wearing The Star Light

        Ring: The Star Light (photo: @kgallacher__)

        Why not include the very person who proposed? It’ll make for a sweet picture and will warm your heart every time you look at it.

        5. ...or put your pup in it.

        Woman's hand wearing The Sweetheart

          Ring: The Sweetheart (photo: @queenconniebonnie)

          Hey! Dogs hold a special place in our why not include them? If you have a fur baby in your life, snapping a ring selfie with them in it will up the cuteness factor and make a great phone background! *wink*

          6. Lighting, lighting, lighting.

          Inexpensive Affordable Engagement Ring Wedding Band Vintage Conflict Free Selfie

          Rings: The Scarlett, The Zoey band x2 (photo: @anachincoa19)

            Like all pictures, good lighting is essential! You want natural lighting in order to get the best sparkle. Golden hour (first hour of sunrise or last hour before sunset) produces a beautiful, warm, natural light. We suggest taking your ring selfie during this time! If you're taking the photo during the day, take it inside by a window with a sheer curtain for natural, diffused light.

            7. Take as many photos as needed, but only post one.

            Inexpensive Rose Gold Affordable Pear Shape Teardrop Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set Selfie Photo

            Ring: The Bliss (photo: @ashleyinthemidst)

              All you need is that one good photo! Snap as many as you want, but when it comes to showcasing your ring on the ‘gram, Facebook, or anywhere else online, select one and skip the collage/slideshow.

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              Rings: The Alexandria, The Evermore, The Grace, The Bliss

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