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Featured: The Bliss - Gold

Featured: The Bliss - Gold

Do you have a wedding ring set, and you’re wondering how exactly to wear it? While there isn’t an objectively correct way to wear a wedding ring set, there are a few popular choices. Most people tend to choose one of three options when wearing their wedding ring sets.

What Is a Wedding Ring Set?

First, what exactly is this bridal set we speak of? Well, wedding ring sets, also known as bridal sets, aren’t just two rings put together. Well, technically, they are, but it’s a little more artful than that. It’s an engagement ring and a wedding ring that are made to complement each other and fit together perfectly. While you can buy each of those individually, a bridal set offers a more cohesive look and feel.

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How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set


This is probably the most popular way, though far from the only way. Many brides choose to wear both pieces of their wedding ring set on the same hand (usually the left ring finger) to complete the look at all times.

Featured: The Elena, The Eternity and The Promise

Featured: The Elena, The Eternity and The Promise

The only choice here is whether you want to wear your wedding band on top of your engagement ring or below it. The more common choice when wearing both is to put your wedding ring on first and then the engagement ring after. That’s generally a more popular look. Of course, you can also wear them in the order you received them, which would mean putting your wedding ring on top of your engagement ring. Really, this is all just personal preference.

There was a time when it was popular to get your wedding and engagement bands soldered together into one larger ring. While not as popular now, it’s still an option you have and would definitely make your rings stacked.

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One on Each Hand

While not as popular as stacked wedding rings, this is another perfectly good option. This is likely going to depend on your lifestyle, though. Some people like having both rings on one hand, so their other hand is completely free to type, write or do other slightly more dexterous tasks. If that doesn’t bother you or your rings are more minimal, one on each hand is a really cool, balanced look.

Featured: The Alexandria - Gold

Featured: The Alexandria - Gold

Just One at a Time

This is arguably the most common option and definitely the simplest. This is especially true if you have a larger engagement ring and simpler wedding band. Many women wear them together for nicer events and formal gatherings, but otherwise, just wear their wedding band. If you like an active lifestyle or need to do dexterous, manual tasks often, this will probably be the best choice.

While these three are the most popular choices, there’s really no right or wrong way to wear a wedding ring set. Put them on two different fingers of the same hand if you like. Whatever is comfortable for you is all that matters here, so get as creative as you like.

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