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a woman putting on the always ring in rose gold

Featured: The Always in rose gold

Sliding the wedding ring onto your finger tells the whole world you have made a lifelong commitment. Does slipping it off mean anything? Even if it’s not in front of a bunch of witnesses? A ring is a powerful symbol, but it’s not like it generates some kind of marriage force field that blinks off whenever you remove it. 

If anything, taking care of your ring (and your finger) by taking it off for maintenance is part of tending to the token of a relationship that is intended for the long haul. Even men’s wedding rings that have been designed with an emphasis on sturdiness and sleekness can collect grime and experience wear and tear. 

Our rings are hypoallergenic and they won’t turn your finger green, but your fingers may change size over the course of a pregnancy or even an afternoon hike. If your partner thinks addressing a dirty ring or swollen finger is a betrayal of your marriage vows, then it’s definitely time to chat about some expectations. 

That being said, we definitely understand that because there is so much meaning attached to wedding rings, anything you do with them can send a signal, whether it is intentional or not. So cleaning is OK, but what about the other reasons you might take the ring off or even leave it off for an extended period of time? Is that disrespectful to the person you’ve vowed to love ‘til death do you part? 

The key here, like with most things in marriage, has to do with open lines of communication.  The ring represents a mutual agreement. So long as you both understand why you might or might not be wearing your wedding ring, you are in good shape. 

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For example, if you are an active sleeper and your partner asks you to take off your ring so they aren’t getting clonked by that lovely halo setting in the middle of the night, then removing your ring is a matter of courtesy. Try telling somebody that they were scratched awake by your commitment to the relationship and see what kind of response you get. 

the elena and the admiral wedding rings

Featured: The Elena and The Admiral

On the other hand, if you only take off your ring when you go out to a bar, then that’s a bit suspicious. And if you are arguing about whose turn it is to take out the trash and you angrily wrench your ring from your finger and throw it at your spouse, then, yeah, you’re definitely sending a signal.

How you treat the ring itself also matters. If you are nervous about taking it on a business trip or even a morning jog because you are worrying about damaging or losing an expensive heirloom, that’s totally fine. But if your partner finds it tossed into a junk drawer with a bunch of outdated USB cables and leftover IKEA parts, then that can be hurtful.

Keep Your Ring Safe in a Ring Box or Pouch

It’s also worth mentioning that if you never wear a ring because you are afraid to risk it, then it  kind of defeats the point. The most important thing still is what your partner thinks, but a ring can be a helpful signal to people out in the world as well. So you might consider rings you can wear without worry. 

a close up of a woman wearing the flex wedding ring in pink

Featured: The Flex in Pink

Maybe get something a little more affordable and resilient to begin with, or as an interchangeable ring option that you can sub in for trips or even everyday usage. That’s why we offer silicone rings that are specifically suited for an active lifestyle. Furthermore, our entire catalog is designed to be affordable enough that the wearer can focus on communication skills instead of worrying about the investment they are toting around on their finger.

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