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Shoe size doesn’t automatically translate to ring size. Your ring finger and your feet are not magically intertwined. Save yourself the trouble of trying to use an abandoned slipper to set up a marriage proposal just because it worked out for Prince Charming and Cinderella. Don’t use a Lady Foot Locker as a measurement shortcut for an engagement ring size. There are other ways to streamline the search for affordable wedding rings and find the perfect fit!

Occasionally, sticking your sole into a Brannock Device might yield the same results as fitting your finger with a ring mandrel, but that makes for just a coincidence or a random fun fact rather than a magic formula. So if you are trying to work backward from a shoe size to find the right ring size, you probably need a backup plan. Try a ring sizer, and you’ll quickly solve your problem. 

But why do people think there is that kind of formula in the first place? There is a general correlation between shoe size and height. And (again, in general) tall people tend to have larger hands. The most commonly sold women’s shoe size in the United States is a 7, though most women’s feet are on average between 8.5 and 9. And the top-selling ring sizes fall somewhere between a six and an eight. This, if nothing else, immediately disqualifies the idea that the average ring size and average shoe size are correlated. If it didn’t, we’d see a larger ring size on average. 

So you can see where the idea came from, but that merely means you might be able to make a slightly more accurate guess, not that you can guarantee a comfortable fit. This isn’t Price is Right Rules. This is a matter of making sure the sign of your love doesn’t get stranded on a knuckle.  

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Factors to Keep in Mind When Finding Your Actual Ring Size

Measuring the finger itself is complicated enough since finger size can shift from season to season or time of day. You might have an existing ring that used to fit but now feels a little too loose or too tight. It’s even common for the hands and feet on the left to be a different size from those on the right. If you could freeze a Beyonce concert at the exact moment that all the single ladies put their hands up, it might be hard to find two digits with the same kind of knuckles or the same degree of taper. With all these factors in play, further complicating things by going down a ring sizing rabbit hole that involves multiplying the shoe size by four, adding two, dividing by five — well, that’s how you end up mad as a hatter. So when you go to measure ring size, just keep these factors in mind.  

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But maybe you aren’t looking for a cheat code for a surprise proposal or promise ring exchange, just a little help deciphering the information on sizing charts. Put the tape measure or piece of string to the side. We’re happy to answer those questions, too. 

Taking a Look at Our Ring Sizing Guide and Chart

For example, are men’s and women’s ring sizes the same? Unlike shoe sizing, in which a man’s shoe size is 1.5 sizes smaller than a woman’s, the ring chart for men and women is the same — one size for every .8 mm in diameter (that’s about .0315 inches). In the U.S., ring sizes start at 3 (14.1 mm) and go up to 16 (24.6 mm).  

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Featured: The Queen and The Excalibur

In a practical sense, the size charts often look a bit different because men’s sizes include larger numbers as a practical measure, not because they use a different ring size chart. Men’s ring size charts are still measured the same way — they just tend to start at larger sizes. But even if the range of what’s offered to men and women differs, the units on the scale are the same. 

If the math of sizing charts makes you a bit dizzy, that’s all right. Just focus on the kind of conversion rate that allows two people to become one. So if you get that magical formula right, but the ring size wrong, you can rely on Modern Gents for a no-hassle exchange to get you fitted with the perfect ring in the correct ring size.

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