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a man wearing the aloha wedding band at a beach

Featured: The Aloha

Nature lovers rejoice! Feel free to read this post in an outside voice, because this is for everybody whose preferred office space is a patio and whose overnight bag packs a tent. Some of these rings can be taken on your next adventure. Others just bring a little bit of the natural world back to the most unnaturally lit cubicle. But none of them are rings that require ripping up a ream of earth to produce a bit of sparkle. So enjoy these six nature-inspired wedding bands and engagement rings for outdoor lovers.

The Woodland Path

Imagine a rustic escape. A wilderness adventure for two. These first few rings will be a reminder of the beautiful woodsy outdoors no matter who you are. 

1. The Woodsman

If you are browsing our wooden rings for men, you’ll notice that The Woodsman is a natural fit for the guy whose natural habitat is the forest. This kind of hand can grip the axe that fells timber and cradle the seedling that replaces it. Securely set in stainless steel and preserving the unique grain that reminds us it was once a living thing, its polish presents a woodsy style that also feels at home in a high-rise cocktail bar.

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2. The Meadow

If the woodsman is going to propose, what better offering than The Meadow? For the fair damsel with a leaf-shaped hole in her heart, put together a picnic in some enchanted forest glade and get down on one knee with the kind of ring that’s straight from a fairy tale. Don’t be surprised if a songbird flits down to perch on the finger. The Meadow also works well as a standalone wedding band, but if you want to entwine it with a complementary piece, the wavy contours of The Mia are sure to thrive. 

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A Cultivated Course

If your nature vibe is more about tending your plot of earth and enjoying its fruits, we’ve got an alternative pairing for you with these next few rings.

3. The Bourbon

Imagine a seasoned outdoorsman who’s looking forward to sipping something with the sweetheart who will warm his heart for the rest of his days. If you only have to look as far as your own back porch to find that fellow, you should sample The Bourbon. Its craftsmanship is a statement of stewardship — reusing wood that served as a whiskey barrel, aged to perfection.

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a woman wearing the daisy engagement ring in rose gold

Featured: The Daisy - Rose Gold

4. The Daisy

Speaking of knowing when the moment is ripe, consider planting a pear-shaped engagement ring when you kneel down to propose. It’s hard to get fresher than The Daisy, but the full bloom of The Bliss in rose gold is worth stopping to admire as well. Both are rich offerings on their own, but if you do pair up your pear, add a chevron-shaped band like The Zoey to the garden party. 

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Stroll the Beach

You’re looking for a breezier, more relaxed vibe. We got you covered with these rings.

5. The Aloha

If outdoors means the sun, surf and sand, say hello to The Aloha. Plenty of unmarried men have enjoyed upgrading their style with its laid back elegance. But when it comes to the kind of commitment that remains steadfast through stormy weather and changing tides, this durable talisman is no beach bum. 

a woman wearing the flex wedding band in white holding her husbands hand

Featured: The Flex - White

6. The Flex

Your wedding was a destination, but your life’s about the journey. If you want to go for a jog without having to worry about your jewelry or take a dip without having to secure a diamond, survey our silicone band selection. Savor the accommodating simplicity of the flex as a full-time ring, but we won’t blame you if you said yes to The Ruby Halo as well. 

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A commitment to going green shouldn’t include staining your finger. All our rings are made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials. You’re on your own when it comes to seasonal allergies, but at least we can take a reaction to nickel off the list.