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Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut Which One Is Right For You?

At first glance, princess-cut and cushion-cut rings look quite similar.

Many people have some trouble telling the two apart at all. However, a closer look at and their history and style tells us a different story. Let’s dive into what makes these two rings so unique.


The cushion-cut ring dates back to the 1700s. It was invented by the Venetian polisher Vincent Peruzzi. The cushion-cut was one of the most popular cuts for over 200 years. While it experienced a bit of a slip in popularity in the 19th century, more and more people are returning to the cushion cut ring’s timeless elegance.

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore on ring finger

Rings: The Evermore set

The princess-cut ring is not nearly as old as the cushion cut style, with a birthdate of 1980. Designed by Betazel Amber and Israel Itzkowitz, it’s unique shape combines geometry and style. It’s cut in a way that produces beautiful flashes of light in the sun, making it a great choice for brides that don’t mind a bit of bling.

Woman's left hand wearing The Olivia and The Sadie
Rings: The Olivia, The Sadie

Fun Facts


  • Only diamond cut with geometric and round elements 
  • Worn by Kim Kardashian, Leighton Meester, and Gabrielle Union 
  • Oldest diamond cut in the world
Woman's left hand wearing The Layla

Ring: The Layla


  • Originally inspired by the french cut diamond
  • Princess cut is a more affordable cut 
  • The square shape allows it to easily be used in necklaces and other jewelry  pieces
Woman's left hand wearing The Amore

Rings: The Amore set

Significance & Symbolism

Princess cut rings are made for, well, princesses. As we mentioned earlier, the cut is a big hit among brides who aren’t afraid of a bigger ring. If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from the limelight, perhaps a princess cut is perfect for you.

Woman's left hand wearing The Princess

Ring: The Princess

A cushion cut is trendy and yet feminine at the same time. A bride who always wants to be in style will love this ring. It’s softly cut corners offer elegance with a hint of sparkle.

Woman's left hand wearing The Lovely

Ring: The Lovely


Both rings are great choices, so it comes down to what you like and can afford. A princess-cut diamond may appeal to brides that are on a budget. It appears bigger than most diamonds out there due to its larger face. but in reality, it’s more economical.

Woman's left hand wearing The Olivia and The Eternity

Rings: The Olivia, The Eternity

If you’re into more of a classic look, then a cushion cut ring might be right up your alley. The ring style has aged well, and a ring like this is sure to be loved for many years to come.

Woman's left hand wearing The Layla
Ring: The Layla