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Promise Rings: What They Are and How to Pick One
We’ve already talked about the difference between wedding rings and engagement rings, but where do promise rings fit into the picture? Despite what you might think, they’re not cheesy tokens given only by couples in high school, and they’re not to be confused with “purity rings” which are symbols of abstinence. So what are they really, and why should you consider getting one for your partner? Read on to find out.

Promise Rings - What Are They?

Woman's left hand wearing The Forever

Ring: The Forever

Promise rings can mean many things, but they are most commonly attributed to commitment. For some couples, they serve as a promise to one day get married, and more often than not engagement does follow. For others, promise rings are a way to mark a turning point in a relationship from casual to serious. Some couples who don’t want to get married anytime soon (or ever) but still want to make their commitment known use promise rings in place of engagement and wedding rings. Whether it’s for love, commitment, future marriage or just because, the meaningfulness of promise rings lies with the couple, so the symbolism can be as unique as the two people in love.

How Do You Pick One?

Woman's left hand wearing The Eternity

Ring: The Eternity

Picking a promise ring doesn’t have to be as grueling as choosing an engagement ring! But, you should still put some thought into it. Consider the receiver’s style - what they like to wear, what colors they look best in - to ensure that whatever you ultimately decide on fits with who they are. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either! An inexpensive ring doesn’t mean you’re cheap, or that you don’t value your relationship. The importance is the meaning.

A Few Options

Modern Gents offers promise rings in all shapes and sizes. While we have a wide selection, a few of the standouts include:

Woman's left hand wearing two Promise bands

Rings: The Promise

The name says it all. This lovely eternity band of tiny simulated diamonds is available in feminine rose gold, royal gold, or shimmering silver. Even better, The Promise is a stackable band, meaning when you get engaged you can put your ring over it!

Man putting The Sweetheart on woman's finger

Ring: The Sweetheart

You’re promising to give her your heart, so show it! The Sweetheart is a stunning heart-shaped gem surrounded by a halo of smaller simulated diamonds. If one of your promises is to make her smile, you’ll be off to a good start with The Sweetheart.

Woman's left hand wearing The Meadow

Ring: The Meadow

As fashionable as it is feminine, The Meadow is the perfect example of beautiful simplicity. The round center stone is complemented by leaves of smaller stones that give this ring just the right amount of sparkle.

View all of our promise rings (including our men’s selection) here.