Ideas for the Perfect Push Present

July 18, 2018

Ideas for the Perfect Push Present

So, your significant other is going to have a baby! 👶🏽Congrats! Soon enough (if not already), you will meet the newest love of your life! It is a tremendous feat to grow and deliver a baby -- it takes a patient, loving, and strong woman. To show their indescribable appreciation, parents all over are investing in “push presents” for mother of their child after she delivers.



If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of this kind of gift until now, but it is nonetheless a considerate gesture that is ultimately appreciated. So while the idea is simple, the question of, “what do I buy her?” may be a bit more complex. Here are three of our tips on finding her the right Push Present:


After the baby shower, and even after the birth, you will find the need for many items that you may not have thought to add to your baby registry. Items for the baby, such as side snap t-shirts, night light, sound machine, and nasal aspirator are all convenient and highly affordable items that can be combined into a lovely, mini welcome basket. You can surprise Momma with nursing pads and breast milk storage bags (if she chooses to go this route), or with an insulated water bottle and heating pad for overall comfort. Postpartum swelling of the hands and feet is a thing! A postpartum wedding ring will be a big bigger than her original ring, but still just as stunning. The best part? It can be a fraction of the cost.


The past nine months have been all about baby, making this is a perfect time to surprise her with that gift that’s all about her. Consider a spa day of a month of cleaning service to take some inevitable stress off. If she would like to still incorporate baby into this gift, a souped up jogging stroller is something she can use to both work out while still caring for the baby, while tickets paired to future concert she didn’t stop talking about over the past few months coupled with a homemade “babysitting coupon” courtesy of grandma will be perfect for some well deserved alone time. If she’s into jewelry, take her breath away with affordable accessories, from necklaces to earrings or even a ring.  



We can all relate to receiving somewhat of a “filler” gift (i.e. knitted underwear from Grandma) that ends up never seeing the light of day as it dwells in the bottom of your drawer. While sometimes giving a “filler” gift happens (i.e. last minute, ran out of time), a Push Present should NOT be the time! The more interactive your gift is, the more use it will have! Whether it is with baby or just for her, this is the perfect time to show you have been paying attention to her needs. Things like a plush robe, comfy house shoes, gift cards for coffee, or maybe a new rocking chair, these are all things you can decide on a few weeks after the baby is brought home after you assess what could be of great help. Another useful gift is a new wedding band to commemorate a new life with baby. Our affordable wedding bands come in a variety of metals (Silver, Rose gold, Gold, and Titanium). These bands are not only beautiful, but insanely durable and will be able to withstand these precious moments, to the terrible twos, and beyond. 😎

Celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and birth with a Push Present. There are many affordable, yet absolutely meaningful gift ideas available that both Momma and Baby will love. 🤱🏻💕

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