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Love is what it’s all about — and, increasingly, folks are waking up to the fact that loving yourself is often just as important as loving someone else. A self-love ring is one way to show that you’re committed to the beautiful, hard and oh-so-necessary task of loving yourself.

What’s a self-love ring, you might ask? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a ring you buy for yourself and wear in a spirit of love and compassion for the essence of who you are. Thinking about treating yourself to a self-love ring? We think it’s a great idea, and here’s why!

Why Self-Love Is Important

Before we dive into the specific reasons why you should buy yourself a self-love ring, let’s talk about the importance of loving yourself. While bubble baths and face masks may be the first things that come to mind when you think about self-care, self-love is about so much more than just that. It’s about accepting and appreciating yourself, not despite your flaws but because of them. Plus, it provides a solid foundation for building healthy relationships — with others and yourself. 

Practicing self-love enables you to set healthy boundaries. Forgiving yourself is also much easier when you love yourself. This leads to increased resilience and self-compassion, both of which are vital in life. 

Ultimately, self-love is about taking care of your physical and mental health. It’s about building a life you love, and gifting yourself a self-love ring is a simple way to symbolize your commitment to taking care of yourself. Think of it like making a pinky promise with your best friend! 

What Is a Self-Love Ring? 

Everyone knows what an engagement ring or wedding band is, but what about a self-love ring? Truthfully, it can be just about any ring that catches your eye! Traditionally, a promise ring symbolizes someone’s commitment to marry their partner at a later date, but promise rings also make excellent self-love rings. 

Your self-love ring can be made from any material you prefer. Whether you love sterling silver, yellow gold or something else, choose whatever suits your preferences. The same is true when it comes to gemstones. Choose your birthstone or a stone in your favorite color. It’s entirely up to you! 

In terms of style, your ring can be as simple or ornate as you like. A dainty ring provides an understated way of reminding yourself to practice self-love, while a chunky diamond ring shows off your commitment to treating yourself. There’s no wrong option. Even a wedding ring or solitaire engagement can be worn to symbolize your love for yourself. Just pick something you love.

So, why should you buy yourself a self-love ring? Here are a few reasons! 

1. You deserve a self-love ring.

Let’s get one thing clear right away: If you’re wondering whether you deserve a self-love ring, the answer is yes, you do! Yeah, we’re talking to you — because whatever you do and whoever you are, you’ve got the right to love yourself. A self-love ring is the ultimate way to tell everyone that you are who you are, and that you love the person you see when you look in the mirror. 

2. A self-love ring can make an eye-catching accessory.

Whether or not you regularly wear other rings, a self-love ring often makes a striking signature jewelry piece. It’s a great excuse to choose something a little bit flashy that will make you the center of attention, such as one of our brilliant and affordable gemstone rings. If subtlety is more your style, check out our minimalist rings for more simple designs that still feel vital and personal. A simple heart ring is a lovely choice, too, since a heart is the most common symbol of love. 

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3. A self-love ring can remind you to forgive yourself for mistakes. 

Many of us beat ourselves up when we make a mistake. It’s an understandable tendency, but it’s also important to recognize and break out of when it happens. A self-love ring can be a great reminder to practice compassion toward yourself and try to react with understanding instead of negativity. It says that, even if you make mistakes like every other human, you’re worth making a commitment to. 

4. Self-love rings come in all styles and materials.

There’s really no such thing as choosing the wrong kind of self-love ring. You might choose a simple solid-color band or an elaborate piece with multiple stones and intricate designs. You could select the elegance of sterling silver or the warmth of rose gold. For those whose style is a little more out there, our unique rings are made from materials as diverse and intriguing as carbon fiber, elk antler and bourbon barrels. You could even wear trendy stacking rings or a chunky sterling silver ring. The only must is to choose something that’s meaningful to you and that fits your vision of who you are!

5. A self-love ring can celebrate overcoming hard times.

We’ve all gone through big challenges in our lives, and the process of healing and moving on often isn’t easy or simple. A self-love ring offers a way to commemorate your moments of struggle while honoring your commitment to yourself. Your ring can stay with you as a memento of how far you’ve come and how far all of us still have to go in fighting our own battles. 

6. A self-love ring can give you confidence. 

It takes courage and confidence to own the way you walk, talk, dress and more. It also takes practice and patience, so let your self-love ring remind you every time you walk into a room: You’ve got this! By choosing a ring that reminds you of who you are and what you stand for, you can make it easier to draw strength from the parts of your identity that you treasure the most. 

If you want to become a more authentic version of yourself, something as simple as wearing a pinky ring in a style you love (rather than wearing jewelry that matches societal expectations) can be a first step toward your goal. No matter how small of a change you make, it can help you, eventually, become a more confident and authentic version of yourself. 


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7. Modern Gents offers ethically sourced self-love rings that will stay with you for life.

Staying true to yourself is a lifelong commitment. At Modern Gents, lifelong commitments are what we do best! We include a lifetime warranty against defects on every one of our rings, as well as 30 days of free exchanges and resizing to ensure you get the right ring size. Plus, if a commitment to ethical products is a core part of who you are, you’re in good company — we source all of our minerals and stones only from ethical and vetted sources, so your self-love ring can align with your most deeply held values.

In addition, buying your self-love ring from Modern Gents at its original price is often much more affordable than taking advantage of a sale price elsewhere. We pride ourselves on providing affordable high-quality jewelry, which makes it easy to show yourself some love without breaking the bank.

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