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The Benefits of Silicone Wedding Rings

October 24, 2018

The Benefits of Silicone Wedding Rings

Imagine you’re rafting down a roaring river, or scaling a cliffside, or even just at work doing what you do every day - welding, saving lives, maybe even playing professional sports. Now, can you picture yourself wearing an expensive wedding ring during any of those activities? Of course not! That’s why alternatives exist, and in this post, we’re highlighting a special kind - silicone. Discover two great reasons to opt for a silicone wedding band below.

Made for the Active Lifestyle

Why shouldn’t an adventurer, athlete, or any other active person get to wear their wedding ring as much as anyone else? For people who lead a life where diamonds, precious metals, and anything expensive but not entirely useful is not welcome, they can appreciate the convenience of a flexible wedding ring that won’t scratch, break, or get them into a dangerous situation. One reviewer of our Ultraflex Silicone ring said, “LOVE IT! I play softball a couple nights of the week and it works GREAT! So comfortable!! I don't have to worry about losing a diamond or pinching my finger when I bat and I can slide my hand in and out of my glove. Recommend getting a rubber ring to anyone that is active!"


Or Those Who Work Hard for the Money

Can you imagine an electrician wearing a metal wedding band while on the job? Or a mechanic? Or a welder? Some job environments are just too dangerous for metal rings, but you still want to show your love and devotion! Modern Gents’ Ultraflex silicone rings are (obviously) not made from any type of metal, and they’re soft and flexible which makes them perfect for metal-hostile environments. In the words of a past customer, “I hate wearing metal rings. This ring is just what I've been looking for. I'm an active mechanic and need something that doesn't get in the way while wrenching. This ring fit the bill and it doesn't look like I'm wearing a rubber washer.”

Simple, Modest, Mighty

Hypo-allergenic, durable, flexible, with multiple colors available including black, pink, white, and teal - what more could you want from an alternative ring? If you’re not into flashy jewelry, or you work in a demanding environment, or you’re a sports fanatic, or you spend most of your time in the great outdoors, there are few choices better suited than the simple, modest, and mighty silicone. 

You can find our collection of silicone wedding bands here.

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