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rings with various diamond cuts and shapes

When it comes to engagement rings, the number of options is virtually endless. It can be a stressful and time-consuming experience to find the perfect ring for your style, taste and budget. Still, many brides aspire to wear a big, sparkling diamond regardless of these restrictions. The good news here is that anyone can get a glitzy engagement ring that looks big within any price range. Here are some tried and true facts, tips and tricks on getting that big diamond look on your engagement ring. 

The Best Cuts

Diamond shape can make all the difference when it comes to size, or at least apparent size. However, it can get tricky when choosing which cut is best for you. Because each different diamond cut tends to reflect the light in a unique way, it is important to consider a few different shapes. 

Diamonds with rounded edges reflect more light in more places, making the ring more eye-catching and increasing the overall wow factor. Round diamonds can appear larger due to their shallow cut and intense amount of sparkle. Even if it’s technically a smaller diamond, a round cut can make the gem look big at any size. 

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Speaking of rounded edges, oval-shaped diamonds are also notorious for looking bigger than they actually are. Much like round cut diamonds, oval shapes attract a lot of light and give off a whole lot of sparkle. However, oval-shaped diamonds also have another trick under their sleeve. Rings with this shape elongate the entire ring, which makes the diamond itself look even bigger than it really is. Plus, there are plenty of unique oval engagement rings out there to choose from, making it easy to find something just right for your personal style. 

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The ever-popular princess cut has earned a well-deserved spot on this list as well. Due to the amount of facets on this particular cut, it makes for an extremely brilliant, sparkly diamond. The square shape of the princess cut also offers a different option for those looking for a larger-looking diamond, but prefer something other than a round or oval shape. As an added bonus, any ring with a princess cut diamond helps make the wearer’s finger look more slender as well!

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Consider Elements Like Multiple or Colored Stones

When shopping for your engagement ring, it’s important to keep an open mind and try multiple options. Consider unique engagement ring styles, colors and cuts when researching and shopping! The most universal engagement ring is a simple band with one single diamond, but many brides are switching it up and adding more to their engagement ring to reflect their own personal style. 

Pronounced style and uniqueness is most commonly achieved by the addition of diamonds on the band or around the central diamond. This not only adds more to the ring physically, but also adds more space covered by diamonds overall. As a result, you have a greater amount of light reflected by the diamonds and much more sparkle. While clear diamonds are a great traditional look, you might think about adding some color to your engagement ring to reflect your own personality or passions. Your birthstone, your partner’s birthstone, yellow diamonds and an array of other options could add more depth to your engagement ring. 

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The Best Size for Your Budget

Before you begin looking for rings, set an intended price range for potential engagement rings. This will eliminate any out of range rings so you can maximize diamond size carefully within your budget. In addition to diamond size, you’ll need to decide on what type of band you want around your finger. Don’t forget that band color and size, as well as prongs and diamond setting, also contribute to the apparent size of your diamond. A thin and delicate engagement ring band will add emphasis to the diamond itself, therefore making it appear larger. In terms of prongs, you can make your diamond appear larger by choosing a setting with the least amount of prongs or one with very thin or discreet prongs. 

No matter what size stone you’d like to have on your ring, you can always find a wide selection of top quality, affordable engagement rings at Modern Gents. Our stunning engagement rings allow for multiple stones and larger cuts at unbeatable prices, making it easy to find an engagement ring you love. 

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