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Eternity Rings

In the last half-century, diamond eternity rings have become one of the most popular jewelry purchases to celebrate a momentous occasion, like a marriage or a wedding anniversary. Some people even give eternity bands as engagement rings instead of presenting traditional diamond solitaires. But what exactly is an eternity ring? In short, an eternity ring features gemstones embedded into the full circumference of the band in a continuous line rather than featuring a single center stone. This infinite pattern symbolizes that the love and commitment of a relationship will last for an eternity. 

Origins of the Eternity Ring

The eternity ring’s origins date back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that circles were important symbols of eternity and thus wore rings with designs around the entire band. Interestingly, this is also how we derived our tradition of women wearing engagement rings on the fourth finger of their left hand. The Egyptians believed that a vein ran straight from this ring finger to our hearts. While science has since proven this to be untrue, the tradition has nevertheless remained. 

So, Which Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go on Anyway?

It wasn’t until the 1960s, however, that eternity rings became culturally significant in modern times. An investigative journalist named Edward Jay Epstein discovered that a famous jeweler had struck a deal with the former Soviet Union to purchase at least 90 percent of its diamond reserves in return for the establishment of a “single channel” controlling the global diamond supply. The Soviet diamonds, though, were much smaller than those typically used in engagement rings. So the jeweler instead designed a product that utilized a large number of small diamonds instead of a small number of large diamonds. This is how the modern eternity ring — also known as an infinity ring — was born.

What Are Eternity Rings for?

While eternity rings were first designed for married or older couples celebrating anniversaries, these rings have also become popular gift ideas to celebrate everlasting love and to mark almost any momentous occasion. From proposals, weddings and anniversaries to graduation or the birth of a child, people present their loved ones with eternity bands for all sorts of reasons these days. 

Among the most famous eternity ring purchases was professional baseball player Joe DiMaggio’s engagement ring to actress and style icon Marilyn Monroe. Today, eternity rings are a popular alternative to the traditional engagement ring and are also worn as a wedding band. As wedding rings, they pair beautifully with nearly any style of engagement ring. 

While eternity rings are most often worn by women, they are also worn by men, and have become popular gift selections to celebrate the birth of a child, Valentine’s Day or a birthday. In other words, if you love someone and want to express their importance to you, an eternity ring will always be a wonderful idea. There is never a bad time to express your never-ending love to someone special. 

Eternity rings are often associated with love and special occasions, but you don’t have to wait for a special reason to wear this ring style. If you simply love the look of eternity bands, feel free to wear one on your right hand as part of your everyday jewelry. There’s no “wrong” reason to treat yourself to a piece of fine jewelry you love! 

"The Sadie" Band in Silver

The Sadie’ Band in Silver

Are There Different Types of Eternity Rings?

Yes. A traditional “full eternity ring” features a complement of stones around its entire band. “Half eternity rings,” however, have also become very popular. These rings, as their name suggests, feature stones across only the visible top half of the band, giving them the look of a full eternity ring at a lower price point. Ring wearers also tend to find half eternity rings more comfortable than full eternity rings because stones are never pressed against the inside of their hand. Half eternity rings are also much easier to resize than full eternity rings. This makes them a popular choice for wedding bands because wearers can have them resized if their weight fluctuates throughout their marriage. 

Those, however, who prefer a full eternity ring appreciate that when it moves on the finger, no bare part of the band is exposed. And for many who care deeply about the symbolism of eternity rings, a full version is still the optimal choice because it has no beginning and no end. 

Finally, an eternity ring — both full and half — is similar to other rings in offering different stone settings and design styles to match the unique personality of the person whose hand it will adorn. Round cut stones are the most popular option, but you can also find eternity bands featuring oval cut diamonds and other diamond shapes. Many eternity bands feature channel set stones, but pave and bezel settings are also available. And while a diamond eternity band may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of infinity rings, there are many other gemstone options. From diamond alternatives like cubic zirconia or moissanite to birthstones and other colored gems, there is truly something for everyone. 

Caring for an Eternity Ring

Maintaining the sparkle and integrity of your eternity ring is key to its longevity. For everyday cleaning, use a soft brush and gentle dish soap solution. Soak the ring and then brush and rinse. For deep cleaning or complex settings, seek professional help. Regularly inspect your ring for loose stones, damaged prongs (the tiny claws holding the gems) or metal wear. A jeweler can address these issues to ensure your ring remains secure and beautiful.

Store your eternity ring in a lined jewelry box or soft pouch to prevent scratches. With these simple cleaning, inspection and storage practices, your eternity ring will continue to symbolize your love story for a lifetime.

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Does Modern Gents Have Eternity Rings?

Absolutely! Modern Gents specializes in offering stunning yet affordable eternity rings made from conflict-free materials that are perfect options for eternity rings. Whether you prefer the look of sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, we have something for everyone. 

This includes The Eternity, our signature full eternity ring featuring a stunning array of stones set around a 925 sterling silver or rose gold band, perfect for proposing to — or celebrating with — the person you love most. This ring also makes a stunning anniversary gift. 

For a modern look, consider The Zoey, featuring a half eternity chevron band that combines classic beauty with contemporary design. 

And for the girl with an old soul, The Giselle features a vintage-inspired full eternity band that harks back to the Roaring Twenties.   

Find the Perfect Eternity Ring at Modern Gents

The eternity ring may have first been promoted by jewelers as a showcase for conflict diamonds at extravagant prices. But its enduring legacy has always been its place as a symbol of infinite devotion on the part of those who give the ring and eternal love for those who receive it.  

Expressing that commitment shouldn’t come at a cost. And with Modern Gents’ eternity rings, it doesn’t have to. 

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