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Looking for a wedding band that’s got a little more pop, a little more swagger, a little more vibe than your typical silver or gold wedding band? If you’re the type who likes to set your own tone, an inlay ring could be exactly the right fit for your finger! 

Let’s back up for a second, though. What is an inlay ring, exactly? How are they different from typical men’s wedding bands, and what makes them so cool and so popular among people getting married now? We’re about to find out!

What Is an Inlay Ring? 

Basically, an inlay ring is a wedding band, usually made from metal, that includes an inlay made from other materials. What other materials, you might ask? Here are just a few of the top choices:

  • Opal and other precious or semi-precious stones
  • Bone, antler, shell or horn
  • Metals such as tungsten carbide
  • Exotic minerals such as meteorite fragments

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The Scout

Featured: The Scout

How an Inlay Ring Is Made

So, how does all of that cool stuff make it into an inlay ring? Here are the basics of how our jewelry artisans at Modern Gents create these powerful pieces:

  1. An inlay ring starts as a metal band made from a hard material like tungsten carbide or stainless steel, with a smaller channel set into the body of the ring. Typically, this channel runs lengthwise along the entire ring, although it can sometimes have other shapes. 
  2. A ringmaker places their inlay materials into the ring’s channel. Using a high quality sealant, the ringmaker seals the inlay materials into the channel.
  3. The ringmaker turns the ring on a lathe and shaves the sealed surface down until it’s level with the ring. Then, they fill in any gaps in the material, apply another coat of sealant and repeat the process. 
  4. When the ring has a smooth, level surface and the inlay is fully sealed, it’s ready to go! You’ve got a beautiful inlay ring that’s ethically sourced and made to last.

Inlay Rings from Modern Gents

Modern Gents’ inlay rings are some of our most popular choices for wedding bands! We create the basic band from ultra-durable materials like tungsten, titanium or stainless steel. Then, our artisan jewelers add inlays made from an incredible variety of materials, whether that’s metal, bone, shell or something even cooler! 

See the beauty for yourself with these amazing inlay ring designs from Modern Gents:

1. The Woodsman

Let’s kick it off with one of our favorite men’s wood wedding bands: The Woodsman, a stainless steel wedding band with a gorgeous sandalwood inlay. Gleaming stainless steel and a polished-to-perfection wood inlay combine into one awesome ring that exudes class, strength and power. 

The Hendrix

Featured: The Hendrix

2. The Hendrix

With a name like that, there could only be one thing in this ring. That’s right, this is our guitar string inlay ring! It’s a perfect choice for anybody who loves music like they love life itself — and as if that wasn’t cool enough, the guitar string is actually set into wood from genuine whiskey barrels. 

3. The Eclipse

Ready for a ring that’s literally out of this world? The Eclipse is here to fly you to the moon — and beyond. With a hammered finish tungsten ring and a genuine meteorite inlay, this ring turns transcending the normal into an art form. This one’s a great choice for anybody who loves the cosmos, or who just wants a ring with a real sense of wonder and mystery built in. 

The Dragon Glass

Featured: The Dragon Glass

4. The Dragon Glass

If you’re looking for something sleek, striking and colorful, the Dragon Glass is a dream come true. Against a black tungsten band is a second band of plated rainbow tungsten that creates an instant head-turning effect! If you’re looking to bring a little magic into your everyday life, this dragon is ready to be tamed. 

5. The Scout

Why have just one inlay when you can have two? The Scout takes it to a new level with a multi-layered inlay including both antler and whiskey barrel wood! That’s right — it’s one for the boy who you just can’t take the country out of, or for any guy who feels a spiritual connection to nature. 

Ready for more awesome inlay rings? Good, ’cause we’ve got ’em! Check out all of our men’s wedding bands with awesome inlays here. 

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