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Featured: The Bliss and The Harmony in Rose Gold

Featured: The Bliss and The Harmony in Rose Gold

It feels like rose gold just popped up one day and was suddenly a hit. Almost feels like an overnight success, honestly. However, that’s far from true! While it’s fair to say that rose gold rings for women have gotten immensely popular lately, rose gold has been a success story in the making for decades.

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History of Rose Gold

Rose gold has existed since the early 19th century and is the brainchild of famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge. If that name sounds vaguely familiar, you’re probably thinking of the Faberge Egg. It’s basically what it sounds like – a really fancy egg-shaped piece of art. These ornate eggs were created for the Russian Imperial Family during the last of the 19th century and early 20th. They are incredibly rare, now worth millions

Anyway, the Faberge Eggs were the first iteration of rose gold, thanks to Carl Faberge. In fact, this is why rose gold is sometimes referred to as “Russian Gold.” Rose gold gained popularity in the U.S. during the Roaring ’20s, and while it somewhat fell out of favor after time, it’s seeing a second resurgence in the U.S. market.

So, What Exactly Is Rose Gold?

It’s pink gold. Well, kinda. Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold and copper, which gives it the rose hue to which it owes its name. The ratio of yellow gold to copper determines just how rosy the rose gold is. The standard is 75 percent gold to 25 percent copper, though there are plenty of other variations.

The Exalibur, The Elena and The Forever in Rose Gold

Featured: The Exalibur, The Elena and The Forever in Rose Gold

However, the copper and gold mixture isn’t the only way to make rose gold! At Modern Gents, we take 925 sterling silver and plate it in a rose gold hue. This gives you the same look as rose gold — with all the durability of sterling silver — at a much more affordable price.

Who Is Rose Gold for?

It’s for plenty of people! The fashion-forward love rose gold, but that’s hardly the only demographic finding a love for the metal. While often associated with women’s bands, there are plenty of guys out there wearing rose gold men’s wedding bands and pulling them off! It’s also really popular among people with fair complexions and warmer yellow undertones. The rose gold complements that quite nicely.

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Is Rose Gold Good Quality?

You may see the price of rose gold and assume it’s a lower quality or that it won’t last as long as traditional gold. Interestingly enough, rose gold is actually much more durable than traditional yellow gold. Yellow gold is a softer material that’s more prone to being pulled out of shape than rose gold. 

Since there’s a percentage of copper in rose gold, it makes rose gold rings ideal for daily wear. They can take what life throws at them better than yellow gold. Of course, that’s not to say that yellow gold is only for a fragile lifestyle. Just because it’s a softer metal doesn’t mean you have to worry too much. You’ll just want to be a little more careful.

The One and Only in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Featured: The One and Only in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold

This is a classic debate that many ring shoppers run into. Rose gold versus yellow gold is often the final decision for ring shoppers, but how do you choose? Consider mainly which complements your skin’s undertones better and what your everyday life looks like. If you’re active and don’t want to have to take off your ring all the time, rose gold is likely a better choice. If you want something more classic and you don’t mind a softer material, go for yellow.

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That’s really all the basics. What do you think? Are you hopping on the rose gold trend or sticking to the classics? Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a stunning yet affordable ring from Mod Gents!