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Why Millennials Should Opt For Alternate Diamond Engagement Rings

Some people resent getting stuck with the “millennial” label because it’s often used in a negative context.

Millennials are blamed for this and that, when really we’re just trying to survive in a world that was far kinder to past generations. The truth is, being a millennial means having to make tough choices. We can help you make one of those choices a little bit easier by showing you why, as a millennial, you don’t need a flashy and expensive diamond engagement ring.

Financial Reasons

Left hand wearing The Sofia on ring finger

RingThe Sofia

The first consideration comes down to finances, which you were probably expecting. Millennials have an average of $28,000 in debt, and this doesn’t even include a mortgage (which most can’t afford). You work hard for low wages, and spend most of their money on ridiculously high housing costs. Then, when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to look at a dwindling bank account and figure out where you’re going to pull $1,000+ for an engagement ring from.

Woman's left hand touching hair wearing The Olivia

Rings: The Olivia

But is that ring really worth your future savings and your foundation to start a new life together on? Most would agree that it’s not. If you want to go on a memorable honeymoon, buy a house, or start a family, you have a better way to spend that money.

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for an unattractive ring, though! These days, alternate rings are just as beautiful as their counterparts, sometimes even more so. Modern Gents offers everything from extravagant simulated diamonds to simple rose gold plated bands. 

Memories > Material Items

Woman's left hand touching pink sweater wearing The Scarlett and The Zoey on ring finger

Rings: The ZoeyThe Scarlett

If there's one thing us millennials love, it's experiences. Music festivals, flight tickets around the world, new restaurants and installments, there are a million activities we'd book in a heartbeat if we managed to scrape up enough money. So why spend money on something as trivial as an expensive engagement ring?

Save the extra cash and book that ticket to Greece or put it on the downpayment of that music festival your favorite artist is headlining. Memories hold much more weight than some silly diamond. Few things are better than singing your heart out with your best friends front row of that amazing band who never tours, or watching a gorgeous sunset on a Thailand beach with your significant other.

With the materials and resources we have access to in present day, alternate diamond engagement rings are just as beautiful as the ones that come in blue boxes. They look and shine like a real diamond – for less than a roundtrip ticket to your dream destination.

Ethical Reasons

Woman's left hand touching hair wearing The Grace and The Forever

Rings: The GraceThe Forever

Diamonds have been mired in controversy ever since the term “blood diamonds” made its way to consumers. Blood diamonds are diamonds that have been mined in war zones, then sold to pay for those war efforts. Also called conflict diamonds, these diamonds are banned but still make their way into the market, representing an estimated 4 percent of all diamonds sold (though it’s understandably difficult to get an exact figure).

Even so-called “conflict free” diamonds are flawed and can include blood diamonds due to inconsistencies in certification. By avoiding diamonds altogether, you don’t have to be concerned about that pretty little diamond having ties to bloody conflict.

Woman's left hand touching grey sweater wearing The Victoria on ring finger

Ring: The Victoria

Have we convinced you to consider an inexpensive engagement ring?

Diamonds have had their time, but new generations are realizing that the hype is exactly that: hype. Diamonds are just a stone; they’re not forever. But you know what is? Love.

Whether you're fully on board or still on the fence, why not browse the full collection of Modern Gents rings? We guarantee it'll change your mind!