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Why You Should Consider an Ethical Engagement Ring

Now more than ever, people are making the effort to be more sustainable and ethical in their purchases. When choosing an engagement rings, couples are often more concerned about the style, cut and fit of the ring than where it comes from. 

While diamonds are constantly classified as “a girl's best friend”, it's important to consider where they actually come from. Many people are unaware of the negative effects of the diamond industry on the environment.

Woman's left hand wearing The Princess on ring finger

Ring: The Princess

This industry has contributed to issues such as deforestation and the desolation of beautiful landscapes and wildlife. With this in mind, what ethical engagement choices can be chosen instead?

The Blood Diamond Trade

Man holding woman's hand wearing The Belle on ring finger

Ring: The Belle

When discussing the diamond trade, the term "blood diamonds" is often mentioned. These blood diamonds are diamonds that are mined and illegally traded to help further fund the conflict occurring in war-torn zones. These areas are typically in central and western Africa, in countries like Sierra Leone.

Not only do these wars affect the innocent people caught in the crossfire, but it's not uncommon for women and children to become slaves of this trade. They're forced to dig for diamonds in river banks with their bare hands. Then they must work to further separate the material.

Woman's hand touching hair wearing The Bliss set

Ring: The Bliss

A possible alternative to this is to try and source a conflict-free diamond. This is a diamond that is mined and legally traded without any connection to conflict or rebel groups.  While these diamonds are conflict-free, it still can't be completely guaranteed that they meet the highest ethical standards. 

It's often quite difficult to trace diamonds back to their true origins. The diamonds pass through so many different hands during the process, and not all of them can be trusted.

Woman's left hand wearing The Olivia and The Forever in rose gold

Rings: The Olivia, The Forever band

If you want to ensure that you're purchasing an engagement ring that is free from conflict and avoids infringing on human rights, why not look into lab-created diamonds?

Lab-Created Diamond Simulants

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore ring

Ring: The Evermore

Lab-created diamond simulants are some of the most popular and ethical choices when it comes to diamond alternatives. This includes choices like cubic zirconia and moissanite. They look very similar to diamonds, but you can rest assured knowing that they were formed without any risk to miners. You can get all the brilliance and shine of a perfect diamond without having to empty your savings. 

Find Your Ethical Engagement Ring at Modern Gents

Woman's left hand wearing The Grace and The Forever on ring finger

Rings: The Grace, The Forever

Here at Modern Gents, our stones are cut to the highest quality standards while maintaining the perfect color, cut and clarity. Our high-quality diamond simulants look just like diamonds and have that beloved shine that no girl can resist.


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    Are Modgents manmade diamonds or they CZ diamonds?