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Wedding Rings: The Workout Edition

What it shouldn’t involve? Your expensive ass wedding ring. 💍

A good gym session involves hitting the weights, some good tunes, and crazy sweat.

Seriously! The average couple spends approximately between $5,968 - $6,258 on their wedding rings, so why put them in a position to be damaged? While the solution may seem as simple as removing your ring before the gym, this can result in you losing the dang thing -- and I’m pretty sure your partner wouldn’t be too thrilled to hear about it if that were the case. Attempting to be careful with your ring by focusing on not damaging it, may compromise your safety while working out.

Man lifting weights

So, what does the person who wants to rock the weights  and  their wedding ring do? There is, in fact, a foolproof solution for the issue of wearing wedding rings at the gym. We, at Modern Gents, would like to introduce: silicone rings! 💪🏽

Silicone wedding bands are as comfortable, as they are convenient! Rock this bad boy with confidence knowing your main wedding ring is safe and you look good! Made with premium silicone, this ring is ideal for all athletic activity, as it is able to be stretched and doesn’t squeeze your finger. Since they are silicone and not an insanely expensive material (like your actual wedding ring), if in the event that your finger #gainz are truly too massive and the ring breaks, replacing it is easy and affordable.

Man lifting weights

When doing exercises such as deadlifts or presses, your hand is typically squeezed and therefore, exerting pressure on the wedding band. Long-term effects of wearing your wedding ring while working out include not only a damaged ring, but also, degloving (look it up, it’s not pretty). Using silicone wedding bands are a comfort-based solution that can keep up with you through even the toughest of workouts!

This is the ring of versatility; its sleek and minimal design allows you to wear it while at the gym, but also virtually anywhere else.

While our silicone ring selection is currently expanding to include more styles and colors, we invite you to stay tuned by subscribing to product release updates by clicking HERE.

📝 Post Author: Kryxiane R.