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Your Guide to a Perfect Fall Engagement Party

The changing colors of the leaves and bonfires not only make for a great fall season, but they can be the perfect backdrop to a fall engagement party!

While some may think that spring gets all the engagements, fall isn’t far behind. Something about the coziness of autumn just pulls on all of our heartstrings and brings out the warm fuzzies in all of us. If you’re planning an engagement party this fall, here are a few tips and tricks to plan the best party possible!

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A quick COVID-19 disclaimer before we begin!

Due to the current state of the world, we do advise our readers to be cautious and take the proper precautions if you're planning on having any type of gathering. Some quick tips on being socially responsible:

  • Limit your guest list. Keep attendees to a minimum and allow room for social distancing (6 feet apart).
  • Set up hand sanitizers around your party, and ask guests to wash their hands as soon as they arrive.
  • Provide masks and gloves for yourself and your guests.
  • Consider going virtual if you want to have a big party!

1. Make some (spiked) apple cider drinks!

Apple cider is a must-have at any and every fall shin-dig. The taste of warm apple cider will make all your guests feel warm and fuzzy, and take them back to fall memories as a kid. It's perfect for you and your guests to warm up with, especially if you plan on having any activities outside. If you want to take it a step farther, feel free to spike it! We recommend spiking it with bourbon and a few cinnamon sticks for the best results.

Apple cider drink with an apple slice displayed on a wood board

2. Provide your guests some cozy blankets.

It’s no secret that fall nights can get a bit chilly. Make sure to have blankets on hand for your guests. If your event is outdoors, your guests will thank you for the extra layer of protection against the cold. You can keep the in baskets around your party so your guests can grab them or put them back as they please. Throw blankets that you'd normally keep around your couch are perfect!

Wicker basket full of cozy blankets

3. Spark up a beautiful bonfire.

Bonfires are a quintessential part of autumn. After dinner, light up the fire and have everyone gather round. Your friends can share stories of you and your significant other, bringing everyone closer by the time the night draws to an end. This is also the perfect time for another round of spiked apple cider with your closest friends and family!

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4. Get your s'mores on.

What’s a bonfire without s'mores? Be sure to bring along all the roasting equipment and plenty of marshmallows, chocolate, and crackers. You can serve them on a tray nearby the bonfire, or if a bonfire is out of the question then consider creating a s'mores bar! Keep small heat/fuel cans on the sides of the table for your guests to roast their marshmallows over.

S'mores displayed on a wood board

5. Spruce up your party with gorgeous fall flowers.

If you have tables set up, accent them with bouquets filled with fall flowers. Deep reds, bright yellows, and soft orange flowers will bring that autumn feeling to your party. Check out our previous post for some of our favorite seasonal flowers for fall weddings!

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Ring: The Enchanted

6. Have plenty of fall-flavored treats.

If you like to bake, why not have some pumpkin bread, cinnamon apple pie, or spiced chai donuts on hand? If you have a mini candy bar, stock it full of candy corn and other yummy fall sweets! It'll add to your theme and also keep your guests' stomachs satisfied.

Pumpkin flavored baked treats on a baking pan lined with parchment paper

7. Cozy up the place.

If your party lasts into the night, light up some candles and string some lights to give it a warm, cozy glow. You can even decorate your tables with fresh fall produce and warm-colored table cloths to up the cozy factor! Don't forget about those blankets we mentioned earlier – keep them folded up in wicker baskets around the party for both easy access and as a cute element.

Cozy decorated fall-themed setup in the corner of a wooden room

8. Coordinate fall outfits for you and your sweetheart.

For you and your fiancé/e, be sure to match the vibe of your party. Consider wearing cozy sweaters or dresses to keep the fall theme going. Warm colors like burgundy, mustard, or burnt sienna will look great on the two of you and fit well with the overall ambience. Boots, scarves, and hats will complete and fall look.

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9. Bring the sweets with classic caramel candied apples.

If you want to have more dessert options, consider offering a candied apple station. Provide various toppings like Oreos, peanuts, and chocolate sauce. Your guests will feel like kids in a candy store and the nostalgia factor will shoot through the roof!

Rows of candied apples

10. End the night with hot chocolate & coffee.

Along with apple cider, have some hot chocolate and coffee on hand. As the party starts to wind down and the night gets chillier, these drinks are the perfect way to end the evening. Make sure to keep plenty of warm drinks at the ready, especially if you plan on being outside. These will keep your guests warm all night and will kick the coziness factor up a notch.

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Rings: The Bella, The Alexandria

Have you planned a fall engagement party? Did you have any of the above? Let us know!