Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Jewelry 

Our selection of affordable bridal jewelry and accessories offers so many ideas for choosing the perfect gift! Modern Gents has crafted a thrillingly beautiful range of earrings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets — all with a Lifetime Warranty. These are a perfect addition to a proposal, a personal gift for yourself or just as a gesture to say "I Love You." ❤️

Teardrop Pendant Necklaces, Stud Earrings and Much More

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a beautiful selection of affordable necklaces, earring sets and bracelets for that special person in your life. From pearl drop earrings to gorgeous shimmering pendant necklaces, your options are truly endless when shopping our collection of fine bridal jewelry.

Saying “I do” is making the ultimate statement, so it’s only natural to want a pair of statement earrings that will do the occasion justice. Our extensive collection of bridal earrings is sure to look stunning. May we recommend the ravishing halo design of the Duet, or the sterling silver supernova of the Audrey? Explore further, and you’ll find so much more, from classic stud earrings like the Ritz to dainty hoop earrings like the Ivy. Many options are available in both rose gold and sterling silver finishes, so it’s easy to give her the bridal look of her dreams.

We keep the sparkle strong with our collection of bridal bracelets and bridal necklaces, too. The Lily and the Harmony are classic pendant necklaces with serious shine, while by-the-yard options like the Kali offer a different take on the wedding necklace that’s no less entrancing. The Hana, meanwhile, is a brilliant bracelet that will create an incomparably elegant look on your wedding day.

Bridal Jewelry Sets for Wedding Day and Forever

Whether you wear your bridal jewelry pieces for other special occasions or just for the big day, we are sure you'll be able to find the perfect set and style to suit your personality. Our elegant and gorgeous wedding jewelry collection is versatile enough for a variety of events. From matching your hair accessories or adding the finishing touches for your wedding dress, these stunning jewelry pieces really know how to set the tone.

Like all of Modern Gents’ jewelry, our bridal accessories are all built for lifelong quality. We use premium materials like 925 sterling silver and rhodium plating, with no allergy-flaring nickel or materials that turn your finger green. Moreover, we ensure that every Modern Gents ring is made from 100 percent ethically sourced materials, with no conflict gemstones or other materials mined in war zones. Instead, we exclusively use human-made stones that offer a brilliant new way to shine.

The materials in our bridal jewelry, though no less durable or beautiful, are also much less expensive than the overpriced and potentially shady minerals that you’ll find at standard jewelry stores. That means we actually price our wedding jewelry so that regular people can afford beautiful, handcrafted pieces that express their love for one another.

If you’re searching for a beautiful yet affordable bracelet, necklace or earring set for your special day, look no further than Modern Gents Trading Co. They also make splendid bridesmaid jewelry, adding just the right touch of radiance to any bridal party.

Looking for the perfect affordable engagement ring to match that new bracelet or pair of earrings? Shop our wide selection of jewelry pieces right from our website today.