Show Your Commitment with a Promise Ring

Not ready to be married but want to signify your commitment to your partner? A promise ring is the perfect alternative and is an excellent choice for couples. At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of ring styles so you can find the perfect promise ring for your partner. Our low cost promise rings for couples are made from alternative and conflict-free materials ranging from 925 sterling silver for ladies to tungsten and titanium for men.

Find The Perfect Promise Ring for Your Significant Other

There’s no better way to show your love for your partner than gifting a stunning piece of jewelry. If you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship but aren’t quite in a place to purchase an engagement ring, consider shopping for the perfect promise ring for her. Wearing a promise ring symbolizes much more than just a relationship. While matching promise rings can signify a number of different meanings, most couples wear promise bands on their ring finger to show their commitment to a future engagement or marriage. Shop from simple promise rings for men to beautiful and dainty promise rings for women.

Take the next step in your relationship with one of our beautiful and affordable promise rings. And when it's time to purchase wedding rings, you can have confidence knowing you'll be able to find exactly what your significant other is looking for with our online selection of affordable engagement rings and unique wedding bands at Modern Gents Trading Co.

Explore Various Promise Ring Styles 

Whether you’re looking for a ring that’s a bit understated or one that truly pops, we’ve got you covered. For rings that cater to those with a more subtle aesthetic, check out our matte black Excalibur or our Titan ring in silver or black. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a promise ring that people can’t possibly overlook, you may want to feast your eyes on our Evermore, a gorgeous ring with a 1.5 ct. round cut center stone set in a halo. The Evermore comes in either classic silver or stunning rose gold. For a little bling with simple elegance, consider a solitaire ring like our One and Only

You can also extend a little extra flash with a promise ring that comes with one of our signature colored gemstones. In addition, you can give that heartfelt promise added significance with a ring that includes your special person’s birthstone. Our simulated stone list includes morganite, opal, tanzanite, emerald, pink sapphire and more. 

What’s the significance of a birthstone ring? Well, everyone has a gem that matches the month of their birth. When you offer a promise ring that includes your person’s birthstone, you’re not only extending that solemn promise and commitment, you’re tapping into the long-held belief that wearing one’s birthstone offers benefits.

Feel Good About Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Promise Rings from Mod Gents

You can feel at ease offering a Modern Gents promise ring with the knowledge that in addition to our rings being entirely conflict-free – that means we absolutely never use blood diamonds in any of our products – our rings are backed with a lifetime warranty and we offer 30-day returns and exchanges. 

So while these are promises, not engagements, they are promises you’ll absolutely, without question, want to keep.