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2021 Engagement Ring Trends

With every new year comes new engagement ring trends.

Before engagement season reaches full swing, designers have rung in the year new with a host of new rings for brides to choose from. No matter what ring you’re leaning towards, there’s a 2021 ring trend for everyone. Keep reading to find out more about the biggest 2021 engagement ring trends.

Rose Gold Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring Braided Wedding Band Simulated Diamond Stone Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free

Rings: The Giselle, The One and Only

Brides Are Learning Towards Unique Shapes

In a year that threw everyone for a loop, couples found themselves caring less about what anyone had to say. Brides were spending more time thinking about what they liked and were more willing to step outside the norm for an engagement ring. This brought about a comeback of pear and marquise-cut rings, paired with bands to make a statement that will last for years.

Rose Gold Pear Cut Halo Engagement Ring Half Eternity Wedding Band Set Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free Simulated Diamond Stone

Rings: The Bliss

Affordable Rings Are On The Rise

Saving money is always in style, but especially in 2021. The past year has shown millions of people what really matters to them, and many couples are skipping lavish rings. Instead, they’re choosing more affordable rings and opting to put their savings towards their future lives together. If you’re still on the hunt for your engagement ring, any one of our affordable ring styles will be a great choice for your lifestyle. Shop the full collection here!

Vintage Round Cut Engagement Ring Half Eternity Wedding Band Set Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free Simulated Diamond Stone

Rings: The Sofia, The Forever

Classic Styles With A Hint of Modernism

With all the virtual shopping that’s happened this past year, brides are turning towards classic styles with a hint of modern features. People aren’t able to try as many rings on in person, so they opt to play it safe with classic styles that are tried and true. In response to this shift, ring designers have put out hundreds of engagement rings that pay homage to classic styles while still bringing that 2021 feel.

Unique Shared Prong Six Stone Engagement Ring Simulated Diamond Stone Conflict Free Inexpensive Affordable

Ring: The I Do

Blue Engagement Rings

Brides are taking “something blue” to another level with the trend of blue engagement rings. While colorful gemstones like pink and yellow have been popular for a while now, 2021 is the year for stunning aqua and royal blue gemstones. Rings like this stunning Tanzanite Halo will be all the rage this year, so don’t miss out!

Tanzanite Blue Stone Engagement Ring Cushion Halo Men's Unique Wedding Band His and Hers Set Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free Simulated Diamond Stone

 Rings: The Halo - Tanzanite, The Admiral

Emerald Engagement Rings

If green is more your speed, an emerald engagement ring will be the perfect accessory all year long. These sparkling gemstones have a deep meaning behind them that will resonate with us all. Commonly associated with serenity and new beginnings, they’re a great choice for brides looking to start the new off right.

Cushion Halo Emerald Simulated Stone Engagement Ring Unique Men's Wedding Band Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free His and Hers Set

Rings: The Woodsman, The Halo - Emerald

Vintage Inspired Rings

Vintage items never go out of style, do they? Vintage rings that remind us of the past have been popping up all over the place and for good reason. Rings with a Victorian or art-deco flair are both stunning and timeless. Choosing a vintage-inspired ring means that your ring will stand the test of time, and who doesn’t want that?

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free Simulated Diamond Stone Eternity Elegant Wedding Band Set

Rings: The Alexandria, The Emma

Solitaire Settings Are Back In Style

This past year has seen a shift in simplicity for brides across the country, and we expect that 2021 will continue this trend. More brides are turning to simple, yet elegant styles, such as the solitaire setting. Although solitaire style rings have been popular for years, 2020 saw many celebrities rocking their solitaire rings, which has led to a resurgence in their popularity.

Rose Gold Marquise Cut Solitaire Petite Engagement Ring Chevron Wishbone Half Eternity Wedding Band Set Inexpensive Affordable Conflict Free Simulated Diamond Stone
Ring: The Cambria, The Zoey