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the one and only and the sadie rings next to each other

Featured: The One and Only and The Sadie

Solitaire engagement rings — the very name makes it sound like it is meant to be a solo act. But then along comes that wedding band. How do you give solitaires the space to shine on their own while still coaxing them into the duet of a wedding set? Welcome to the list of the best wedding bands to partner up with unique solitaire engagement rings.

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Stick to a Simple Plan with the Always

If part of the draw of the solitaire engagement ring was “stunning simplicity,” stick to that straightforward plan with a wedding band forged from the same philosophy. If a solitaire setting like The One and Only is the form of the engagement ring, the purest match might be the unadorned elegance of a wedding band like The Always.

Stay Sleek with the Chloe

Or perhaps you’re attracted to that streamlined approach, but wonder if you could add in a flourish or two. A channel setting eternity band like The Chloe is just the trick. It smooths out the wrinkle in “decorative wrinkle.” And it pairs especially well with The Ava.

women holding solitaire engagement ring and plain wedding band

Shimmer Slimmer with the Desire

There’s sleek and then there’s slim. If you want a wedding set that slices through the crowd with an almost aerodynamic effect, get pointers from a pear cut stone like The Kira and a svelte half-eternity number like The Desire.

Stack the Deck with The Promise

 If you want the solitaire engagement ring to be part of an even fuller chorus with stackable wedding bands. An eternity band (or two) like The Promise sets up an ideal arrangement.

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The solitaire setting may be simple, but because it doesn’t have the trappings of side stones or split shanks, it may overhang the adjacent wedding bands. Eternity bands like the Promise can sit by its side without clashing with the setting or slipping into its shadow. Nestle one or two bands like that against a splendid cushion cut like The Layla and enjoy the positively symphonic results.

up close shot of woman wearing gold engagement ring and wedding band

Stay in Shape with the Zoey

You can try to slip a band under the overhang, or you can go with the flow and fit with the shape. If you’ve spent the last few years mastering jigsaw puzzles, you will know that a dainty Chevron like The Zoey zags perfectly with a solitaire with a pear or oval center stone.

Salute Singularity with the Giselle

One way to respect the solitaire’s singularity is to pair it with something equally distinctive. Perfect princess cuts like The Olivia and vintage bands like The Giselle are each stunning standalone pieces that harbor unmistakable angles and unique twists. But put them on the same finger and they manage to stand alone, but together. 

Finding an ideal match for a solitaire ring with so much individual character may seem like a challenge. But marriage is all about bringing two unique individuals together. 

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