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In a world where bigger is usually interchangeable with better, it can sometimes be difficult to decide if “big” is right for you. If you’re more of a minimalist, however, the search for smaller, daintier and more subtle is an ongoing thing. For things like jewelry though, how do you know if bigger is better or if you should stick with something more refined? 

The answer depends on a few different things. Specifically, if you’re looking at different styles of engagement rings, you might want to consider a smaller, dainty ring over a larger cut or style. Among many reasons to love a dainty engagement ring, they are charming, subtle, stylish and always a timeless classic. Here’s why you might want to choose a dainty style for your engagement ring. 

Your Style Reflects Minimalism: One reason to choose a dainty engagement ring is because it reflects your personal style. Your engagement ring should always be a depiction of your overall style because it’s something you’ll wear with everything. If you’re looking to get started on your search for minimalist engagement rings, check out popular minimalist styles like The Ava for some dainty inspiration. 

Minimalist style reflects a “no fuss” mindset and simple yet elegant aesthetic. If you’re looking for a minimalist engagement ring, it should reflect these core elements as well. When searching for or trying on daintier rings, look for bands in silver, rose gold or yellow gold without any designs or add-ons. This keeps things looking clean and minimal. From there, consider a ring with one or two single stones. Solitaire engagement rings are a great option for those who want a little bling, but not over the top. This keeps the eye attracted to the focal point without a lot of other action going on, making for a super satisfying look and a clean cut. Remember that smaller stones still hold a beautiful sparkle!

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Your Hands Are Small: Another common reason why brides might lean towards a dainty engagement ring is because of hand size. If you are generally petite or just have smaller hands, you should definitely consider a dainty ring to match the size of your hands. This is a great way to get a cohesive look that will look great with your other jewelry and any ensemble. 

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When searching for engagement rings for small hands, think about band size. A thin engagement ring band will mesh well with small fingers and keep the ring from overpowering your hand. Having said that, smaller stones look great on a dainty band as well. If you prefer a larger amount of stones, consider having just one of them on the ring to tie your minimal style together. 

You Don’t Wear a Lot of Jewelry: If you wear minimal or no jewelry at all, a dainty engagement ring may be the perfect fit for you. As a minimal jewelry wearer, deciding on an engagement ring can be quite the task! You might want to stay away from extravagant rings and start small with a dainty ring without a lot of fuss. Plain bands with a single stone are perfect for minimalists! This way, it won’t feel like you are jumping from zero to one hundred all at once. 

Minimal, dainty rings are a great way to start wearing more jewelry as well! Depending on the metal of your ring band, you can build a cohesive dainty jewelry collection or everyday set based on the style and material of your engagement ring. Think about matching metals, thin chains and small earrings to get you started. 

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A Note on Dainty Rings: Maybe you’re a minimalist or prefer not to wear a lot of jewelry. Maybe you’d like to have a smaller ring for more casual occasions or events. You might even prefer not to draw attention to yourself with a large or flashy engagement ring. Whatever the reason might be, if you choose to look for a dainty engagement ring, you certainly have an array of options. You don’t need to sacrifice quality or style to get the perfect dainty engagement ring! 

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