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Promise Rings

It wasn’t too long ago that it would’ve been unusual for a guy to wear an engagement ring, much less a promise ring. Promise rings are a more modern phenomenon that’s gaining more traction. Call it an extra checkpoint on the road to marriage.

Men and women both seem to be more interested in promise rings and a more egalitarian partnership on the marriage track. Couple this (pun intended) with the fact that couples are getting married later in life, and you get this pre-engagement ring rising in popularity.

I’m a Guy. Can I Wear a Promise Ring?

There’s no reason you can’t if you dig the look. Unlike engagement rings, where women tend to wear them and men are less likely to (though that’s also changing in the modern era), promise rings tend to be a bit more equally worn between the couple.

As we always say, do what works for you as a couple. If it isn’t a big deal that you wear a promise ring and it’s just not your style, there’s no reason to force yourself to wear something you don’t dig. 

If, however, you’re on the other end of the opinion spectrum, go ahead and wear that thing. The likelihood is no one will give it a second thought. If they notice, there’s a decent chance they’ll just assume you’re engaged or married and keep it moving. Sure will drive away unwanted attention at the bar, so consider it a superpower if you do decide to rock it.

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Are There Rules About Promise Rings?

Eh, kinda. It’s pretty up to you, really. There are maybe a couple of rules, but it’s mostly up to you.

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Rule 1: Don’t Spend Too Much

We never advise going into debt over a ring. However, in the case of a promise ring, you especially don’t want to go into debt over it. You could make a case for debt for an engagement or wedding ring (though tread carefully), but there’s no reasonable case to be made for spending hundreds or even thousands on a promise ring. Err on the side of affordable and scale up from there if you go on for the engagement and wedding rings.

Keep your promise ring under $300 for sure. Really, under $200 is better. Go simple. Yes, you’re smitten, and sure, this is the one, and we love it. We’re not here to pour water on your fire. Quite the opposite. 

If this really is the one, you want to keep your finances free for other fun gifts, trips, keepsakes, what have you. Just trust us on this one. While you can spend more if you like, silicone rings make fantastic choice in terms of affordability and durability. You’re going to want to wear it everywhere, so pick something that can take a beating.

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Rule 2: Don’t Worry So Much About the Rules

Yes, we see the irony. Really, there’s one rule. Look, don’t get too caught up. Can guys wear promise rings? Absolutely. Do guys have to wear promise rings? No, of course not. However, if it’s a look you like and something that is important to you, wear whatever you want. Go let the world be your oyster and all that. 

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Unlike engagement and wedding rings, promise rings are a newer addition to the mainstream. Wear them however you want; just don’t spend too much or worry too much. It’s just a step. An exciting step, to be sure, but it’s still just step one (and ring one) of, hopefully, three.