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Featured: The Reef

Featured: The Reef

Promise rings have gained some traction as of late as an additional vow of commitment in a relationship. While they aren’t the norm, the number of couples choosing to add a promise ring before their engagement ring is growing, and not in an Arrested Development pre-engaged way. Is a promise ring right for you? Let’s find out!

What Is a Promise Ring?

Okay, gratuitous Arrested Development reference aside, it is kind of like a pre-engagement. A promise ring is basically a promise of commitment to the other person. It communicates a level of exclusivity that’s greater than just dating and acts as a waypoint on the road to engagement.

Now, some people give promise rings for different reasons. Unlike engagement rings, the cultural expectations of a promise ring aren’t super defined, so couples sometimes import other meanings onto them. Generally, though, they’re an expression of commitment.

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Do Guys Wear Them?

This is actually a really interesting question. The short answer? Yes, guys do wear promise rings. It’s actually common for both people to wear promise rings, unlike engagement rings, where a smaller percentage of guys do, but many don’t.

While this is just anecdotal evidence, it’s our experience that guys are actually more likely to wear promise rings than engagement rings. Now, you could also make the case that guys who wear promise rings are more open to wearing engagement rings, which is probably true. Bottom line is, whatever you feel like doing or wearing, just do it!

Featured: The Excalibur - Silver, The Belle and The Desire

Featured: The Excalibur - Silver, The Belle and The Desire

Are Promise Rings Necessary?

Well, no rings are necessary per se. Technically, all rings are a product of convention, which isn’t a bad thing at all, more so just a fact. So, no, promise rings aren’t necessary. Should you get one, though? Maybe.

Promise rings tend to be most appealing to people who aren’t in a place to get married soon but want to express a desire for greater commitment. For this reason, promise rings are used more often among younger couples who, for whatever reason, can’t get married in the immediate future. 

Who wants a really long engagement anyway? We’ve never met anyone who was engaged for years and had a great time of it. If that doesn’t bother you, then you likely don’t need a promise ring. If, however, you know you want to be with someone but don’t want a long engagement, a promise ring adds an extra step and shortens the engagement process itself.

Featured: The Infinity - Silver and The Eternity - Silver

Featured: The Infinity - Silver and The Eternity - Silver

Okay, But Where Do You Wear It?

Well, if you’re in Arrested Development, you wear it on your toe. Really going back to that well, but it’s a fantastic show, and you should watch it.

Okay, but actually, what finger does a promise ring go on? Most guys tend to choose to wear a promise ring on their right ring finger. Of course, you can wear it wherever you like, but that does seem to be the most popular option. Other choices include the left ring finger (which is a more popular option for women, it seems) or around your neck on a chain

What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go on?

Promise rings are still relatively new, and their norms aren’t fully defined. If you want to get one, the meaning and standards are up to you, so find ones that you like and that work!