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If you’ve seen someone wearing a ring on a necklace, you’ve probably wondered about the significance. Is it a style thing? A convenience thing? Just a really big fan of neck-based jewelry? Well, in fairness, it could be any of those things. However, there are a few main reasons someone opts to wear a ring on a necklace.


Sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one. While not the only reason to wear your ring on a necklace, style is a very popular one. Does your new gemstone engagement ring really bring out your eyes? Put that bad boy on a necklace and let the world be your stage. Just like how it looks? Hey, that works too! Want to wear a pair of rings (or more) but don’t want to wear them all on your hand? Well, a necklace solves that problem as well.

Weight Gain or Swelling

Whether you’ve put on some weight or just have swollen hands from time to time, your ring may not fit as comfortably. Maybe your hands are just a bit swollen after an intense workout. You could potentially re-size your ring, or you could just pick up a sweet necklace to put it on if it doesn’t fit like it used to. 

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a woman touching her cheek while wearing the ava the paige the zoey and the eternity rings on different fingers

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Sentimental Reasons

Maybe you’ve got your own set of stackable wedding bands but also want to wear your late grandmother’s ring. Maybe it’s in remembrance of a good friend you lost. Whomever it’s for, sentimentality is another big reason you might see a ring on someone’s necklace. Potentially that ring isn’t actually theirs but previously belonged to someone they love.


Sometimes it’s a better idea to wear your ring on a necklace or chain than on your finger. If you travel often, especially with a nicer ring, it may be safer to keep it around your neck where it’s a bit more hidden. It’s an unfortunate truth, but you have to pay attention when you’re traveling (or even walking around your own city). Even if your ring is insured, you still want to be cautious.

You might be someone who works or crafts with your hands in ways unsafe for the ring or for you wearing it. Pottery and machinist work come to mind. In those cases, a ring on a necklace tucked under your top would be advisable.

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Should You Wear a Ring on a Necklace?

This is the first big question to get out of the way if you’re thinking about having a ring on a necklace. In short, yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear a ring on a necklace. It’s not any less safe (more on that later), and you aren’t at a great risk of damaging it. In fact, if you have your ring on a necklace underneath your shirt, it might even be a bit safer than wearing it on your hand.

Does the Type of Necklace Matter?

The main reason it matters is for aesthetics. As long as your necklace matches your ring (or complements it), you’re good in the fashion department.

a woman wearing the lily and the elena in rose gold
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You could also worry that a necklace will scratch your ring. Realistically, this is unlikely. While it might be a small concern if your ring is made of a really soft material and you go really affordable on the necklace, even then, it’s unlikely. If you’re really worried, you can opt for a non-metal necklace like a leather one to ensure your ring doesn’t get scratched.

If you like, you can opt for a ring holder necklace. These necklaces are designed exactly like the name implies: to hold your ring and keep it safe. While not necessary, it can be more comfortable, as it’ll prevent your ring from moving around as much as it would on a regular necklace. It can also be a good fashion statement if it looks good with your ring, but that’s really up to your taste.

You also don’t have to commit to one option or the other. If you have a necklace for your ring, you can obviously still choose to wear it on your hand (or vice versa) if you like. Go with whatever makes the most sense for you. 

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