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Wedding rings have a number of traditions attached to them. Like most any tradition, however, typical engagement ring traditions have long been broken. Today’s engagement and wedding trends even encourage this mold-breaking spirit, and the results are both creative and colorful!

Even though the saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there is always room for a little bit of change. Colored gemstones in an engagement ring not only attract the eye, but they also each hold a unique meaning. If you are considering a nontraditional gemstone for your engagement rings, check out a few of our favorites and the meanings they hold. 

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1. Opal Engagement Ring Meaning: Among all gemstone engagement rings, opal is perhaps the most traditional and timeless option. Opal has a unique opaque yet iridescent reflection and brightens up the finger of the wearer. Opal is also an eye-catching stone due to the white base color and multicolor aspects when it catches the light. 

Historically, opal has been considered a precious stone due to its color-changing properties and unique appearance. The stone holds a few different meanings, but most of these revolve around fidelity and commitment to another. The opal has also been said to carry magical qualities and protect the wearer from harm or evil. In short, an opal engagement ring may be the perfect choice for any bride, from classic to spiritual and everything in between. 

2. Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning: There is nothing quite as luxurious as the deep sparkling color of an emerald. Even Queen Cleopatra herself had a fixation on these deep green stones for their beauty and supposed healing properties. Emeralds hold special meaning as well, including undying love and a lasting connection. Essentially, an emerald ring rings true to all a partnership can hope for in love and life. 

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3. Morganite Engagement Ring Meaning: This particular gemstone is so rich and unique in color that it is almost impossible to name it by one single shade. Morganite gives off a rich amber color in darker places but reflects a light and shiny caramel when the stone is met with light. This delicate stone has meaning connected directly to the heart and represents a deep love connection, meaning a morganite engagement ring is the perfect stone to send you straight to happily ever after!

4. Tanzanite Engagement Ring Meaning: Similar to a sapphire color, tanzanite is known for its rich and deep blue color. This regal-looking stone is native to Tanzania and was only discovered within the past century. Tanzanite is said to represent a rebirth or new beginning. The refreshing and pure meaning of this special gemstone falls perfectly in line with the new chapter of life that begins with a marriage, so consider purchasing a tanzanite engagement ring and fully embrace this meaning.

5. Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning: The pink sapphire may be the most delicate and feminine of all engagement rings for women. Between the pale pink color and overall princess-like quality of the stone, pink sapphire rings are indeed fit for the most luxurious bride. The gemstone represents a number of important meanings, including passionate love, good fortune, loyalty and trust, all of which are important to any marriage. 

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6. Ruby Engagement Ring Meaning: It’s hard to miss the beautiful and striking color of a ruby. Choosing a ruby engagement ring is not for the faint of heart and is a beautifully bold statement. The red color of a ruby represents the color of love and passion. Furthermore, rubies represent royalty and importance, which is perfect for any Leo brides out there. The positive energy and bold meanings associated with rubies are perfect for an extroverted bride. 

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