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a person wearing the flex wedding band in white

Featured: The Flex in White 

You could probably make the case that all rings are technically gender-neutral. Effectively, you can check out rings and pick whichever one you like without anyone stopping you. That being said, maybe you’re not a fan of really thin bands with a single rock up top. Maybe you’re a guy who wants something with a bit more flair than the standard simple men's band. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got tons of options! Read on for some of our favorite styles that aren’t exclusive to a specific gender.

Engagement Rings

1. The Flex

Silicone rings might be the most life-neutral option out there. Not only are they perfectly gender-neutral, but they also work for every aspect of your life. Of all our silicone rings, The Flex is probably the most utilitarian. Wear it to the gym in the morning all the way through cocktail hour in the evening!

2. The Force Flex

If you like The Flex but want just a little more out of your engagement ring, we’ve got you covered. The Force Flex is like The Flex that grew up and started hitting the weight room. With a larger silhouette but still carrying the simplistic neutral stylings, it’s a ring you can’t miss.

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3. The Aloha Ring

This just looks so good. If you’re an avid adventurer and traveler, this ring will speak to you! The simple styling and clean wood inlay look great on everyone (and in your photos).

a couple both wearing the infinity in rose gold

Featured: The Infinity in Rose Gold

4. The Infinity

If you want to have a bold yet refined ring, consider The Infinity. With options in black, silver and rose gold, there’s a color that’ll look great on you. If you don’t like the idea of a big rock on your ring, this simple styling may appeal to you. 

5. The Layla

Do you want to push the boundaries just a little but not go wild? The Layla is perfect. You’ll have the classic square stone up top with a simple band. Not too much flash, but just enough. If you love the idea of minimalist engagement rings, The Layla has to be in your consideration. 

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6. The Woodsman

Wooden rings have become more popular, and for good reason. If you like The Aloha Ring but want something just a bit lighter, The Woodsman does the trick. You’ll still get that same great wooden inlay but in a silver band this time. 

7. The Titan

Last but not least is The Titan. If you want a ring that works as hard as you, The Titan is up for the challenge. It’s a large ring, for sure, but if you don’t mind the size, it’s a classic option that will look great for years to come. With all the classic colors available (including black, gold, rose gold and silver), you’re sure to find something that can fit your style.

Weddings Bands

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral option, who says you need a ring at all? Going for a simple wedding band could prove to be a great (and cost-effective) choice that you can use for your engagement or wedding. Here are three more bonus options!

8. The Chloe

Sure, it’s got a woman’s name, but this ring can still be entirely gender-neutral. If you just want a simple silver band, look no further. This minimalist aesthetic looks good on everyone and is never a bad choice. This style is available in the classic silver or rose gold.

a woman wearing the promise in silver

Featured: The Promise in Silver

9. The Promise

If you like The Chloe but want something with just a tiny bit more flash, The Promise is that perfect middle-ground for you. Not into the silver? Check out the versions in gold and rose gold, then!

10. The Forever

Eternity bands are a great gender-neutral engagement option. In fact, they’re great options for all occasions! Keep it by itself, or add it to a wedding ring you love! This style is available in silver, gold and rose gold.

While this is a great starter list, it isn’t exhaustive. If you find a ring you like, buy it. It’s really as simple as that.

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