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Selecting the perfect engagement ring is a traditional rite of passage for every man and dream come true for every woman. But once the proposal is over, the ring shopping ends, too. Right? Not quite. While shopping for wedding bands is often secondary to finding the engagement ring, most couples will wear theirs more than any piece of jewelry in their lives. Given the importance of wedding bands, we thought we’d offer you a guide on what to think about when you are shopping for them.  

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Band and an Engagement Ring

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, when a woman is proposed to, she receives an engagement ring. But while many women wear their engagement rings throughout the year, some will only wear it for special occasions. It’s the wedding band that both brides and grooms wear most days of the year as a daily reminder of their commitment to each other. Since the 20th century, engagement rings have been designed to be showstoppers. Wedding bands, however, are typically more subtle in appearance, though that is hardly a requirement. 


Is It Okay to Not Buy a Wedding Band?

Absolutely! A wedding band isn’t something that everyone needs. If you’re fine wearing an engagement ring all the time, there’s no need for you to buy a wedding band. That being said, there are a number of good reasons to consider investing in one.

  • You’ll have plenty of regular days beyond your ‘big day’

    Look, maybe you can’t imagine ever taking your ring off right now. It’s the perfect solitaire design, the perfect prong setting, the perfect center stone. Whatever it is that makes your ring the one you love, you don’t want to take it off.  There is, however, the rest of your life to consider. As time goes on, that ring is going to be subject to daily realities and may need to be taken to a jeweler more often for cleaning. If you’re fine with that, then you don’t need a band.

    • Convenience, if nothing else

      That rock on your finger will get caught on things. Blankets, cozy sweaters or anything of that nature can attract your ring like a magnet. Now, it’s unlikely to cause your ring to require resizing. However, over the years, it can change the shape of your ring slightly. A simple, plain band doesn’t have those same concerns. 

      • You can do both

        A great compromise can be found in wedding sets. You’ll get a ring and a band that will fit together perfectly but aren’t soldered together, giving you the freedom to wear them separately if you like. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of your rings, simply wear the band on your ring finger and it’ll still turn heads.

        Who Should Buy a Wedding Band and When?

        Today, there’s no set standard on who “should” or “shouldn’t” buy a wedding band. The more couples continue to share financial decisions and wedding preparations, the less strict it is as to who should purchase the wedding band. In fact, many couples pick theirs out together. Still, if you prefer the tradition of a surprised bride, the groom should be confident he knows the style that his fiancé will love.


        Whichever route you choose, it’s a good idea to shop for your wedding bands as soon as possible. The closer you get to your wedding day, the more overwhelming your list of things to do becomes. And it’s important to make sure you give yourself time to find the right bands and in the right size.

        (Ring) Size Matters 

        Remember, many couples wear wedding bands as a daily reminder of their love and commitment to their marriage. Purchasing the right ring size is about more than just common sense. It’s about giving you the ability to wear it daily while decreasing the chance it falls off and becomes lost. That is why we recommend reviewing our guide on how ring size is measured before you make your purchase so you can get your perfect match

        his and hers wedding bands

        Finding the Perfect Wedding Bands for Both Her and Him 

        First, there are no set rules, but there are considerations. 

        For instance, do you want you and your partner to have matching wedding bands? Many couples do as a symbol of their being meant for each other. Other couples, though, prioritize their partner choosing a design that fits their unique lifestyle and taste. Again, it’s because bands are often worn every day. It’s totally fine to have two different wedding band styles.

        Along similar lines, many women want their wedding bands to look similar to their engagement rings to ensure they pair well when worn together. For this reason, you might consider buying a wedding ring set that includes an interlocking wedding band and engagement ring. It’s perfectly acceptable, though, to choose a more unique pairing. All that really matters is the happiness of your loved one.  

        Further, men and women who regularly play sports, are active outdoors or have labor-intensive jobs might consider smaller-width bands that are less intrusive, like silicone bands that are more flexible or bands made from a stronger metal like titanium or tungsten. If nothing else, silicone options are a really trendy choice right now.

        married couple wedding rings

        What Type of Wedding Bands Does Modern Gents Offer? 

        Modern Gents is proud to specialize in high-quality, affordable engagement rings and affordable wedding bands made from conflict-free materials — that won’t turn your finger green. 

        Each of our ladies’ bands are made of 925 sterling silver and finished with glistening rose gold, yellow gold and silver rhodium plating to ensure her ring is as strong as the relationship it symbolizes. Our bands also come in a variety of styles to match the personality of every bride, whether she prefers classic, modern or vintage. 


        Our collection of affordable men’s bands are durable, modern and sleek. They are made from your choice of stainless steel, titanium, tungsten or silicone. Our rings for the modern man also include our bold line of black wedding bands and wood wedding bands that come with a lifetime warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


        Find a Ring Style You’ll Love

        Throughout history, wedding bands have been the enduring symbol of a married couple’s commitment to one another. At Modern Gents, we simply believe that if you’re able to spend less time paying them off, you’ll have more time to spend with each other.