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You might be surprised by the number of options when it comes to different engagement ring shapes and stone cuts. While classic styles include a solitaire stone with a round, square or princess cut, there are also a number of more intricate or unique styles like an oval or emerald cut – some even featuring numerous stones around the centerpiece. It is the pear-shaped engagement ring, however, that stands out as most unique to many. A pear-shaped cut is shaped to resemble a teardrop and is known for flattering the hand with its symmetry and interesting shape. 

pear-shaped engagement ring gives a nod to traditional glamour. What you might not know is that this timeless and classic shape has been around for centuries and is still loved and passed down by many today. If you have a pear-shaped engagement ring or are considering one, here’s an inside look at the ring shape’s history, symbolism and underlying meaning.

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History of the Pear Shape

Early sightings of the pear-shaped engagement ring began in the late 1400s when a notorious Flemish jeweler by the name of Lodewyk van Bercken first introduced the style. Mr. van Bercken is best known for creating the scaife, a polishing wheel that aided in the timely cutting of diamonds and widely increased the overall popularity of diamonds in jewelry. 

This elegant and feminine shape is a cross between a marquise and round cut, making it both unique and widely recognizable around the world. Though individual ring styles and accompaniments have changed over the centuries, the intricate 58-facet pattern of a traditional pear-shaped ring has remained generally constant over the past 500 years. There’s a bit better accessibility now when it comes to the average person and a pear cut, luckily. Now really anyone, not just those who happened to know the right Flemish jeweler, can enjoy the pear cut. Pear-shaped engagement rings have been loved and worn by celebrities and public figures like Victoria Beckham, Cardi B, Katherine Heigl and even Princess Charlene of Monaco. 

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Underlying Meanings and Symbolism

In addition to a significant inception and a rich historical background, pear-shaped engagement rings also hold some pretty important meanings. Due to the unique and unmistakable shape of the cut itself, pear-shaped engagement rings are said to symbolize empowerment, individuality and independence. It makes sense that such a pronounced and distinct shape would hold so many noble traits! 

Much like the qualities of the ring itself, the pear shape is a reflection of the individuality and empowerment of the person who wears it. Whether you choose a halo engagement ring with a gorgeous pear center stone or even a gemstone pear ring, chances are you aren’t afraid to be different, take matters into your own hands or march to the beat of your own drum. Furthermore, if someone proposes to you with a pear-shaped engagement ring, it’s possibly in part because they think you embody these qualities. 

Pear-shaped engagement rings also represent timeless elegance, beauty and grace. Though it can be worn in either direction, the actual pear shape is most commonly worn with the bottom point facing towards the fingertip, allowing for an elongating and slimming effect on the hand. Some even consider a pear-shaped engagement ring to symbolize an actual tear of joy in relation to love, relationships and gratitude for their life partner. Whatever meaning you might find in a pear-shaped ring, the rich history and symbolism resonate in each ring with this lovely shape. 

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Who Should Get a Pear-Shaped Ring?

Great question! Pear cut rings tend to appeal to the same buyers who’re shopping oval rings or other teardrop shaped center stones. If you have wider fingers or wider hands, the pear-shaped stone is the way to go as the elongated shape is what you want. A pear cut engagement ring lengthens your fingers visually, and flatters the wearer by creating a more symmetrical look. Of course, you can wear a pear-shaped ring with thinner fingers, but the length-to-width ratio really works in favor of wider fingers with pear cuts. 

Look, we’re never going to tell you not to buy a specific shape of ring. If you love the look of a yellow gold pear engagement ring even though you have long, thin fingers, you buy that ring and wear it with pride. However, we do want to reiterate that rings tend to look best when they offer contrast. The contrast here is only going to work with wider fingers and hands.

If you need a more official buying guide to figure out what ring shape is for you, well, you’re in luck. We’ve created multiple guides on the different types of engagement rings and the different engagement ring settings so you can decide if the pear shape is right for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Pear Cut and a Marquise Cut?

They’re quite similar cuts but, mainly, the difference is that marquise cuts are more shaped like a football or a very pointed oval. Pear cuts have a rounded bottom. Ariana Grande, for example, had a marquise cut ring instead of a pear cut. She also has some wild stuff going on. While not a three-stone engagement ring, she settled for a tasteful two stones. Seriously, a fascinating design on that thing, but we digress. Enough about side stones — that’s the relevant difference between a pear cut and a marquise cut.

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A Flair for the Dramatic

A pear-shaped ring is understandably eye-catching and maybe not for everyone, though those who do choose this elegant style are known to wear it with confidence. It’s no surprise why many Hollywood starlets flaunt the pear shape on their wedding ring finger. The style gives off a timeless feel and exudes both class and tradition. It also gives a nod to vintage and Art Deco styles, which make it both a timeless classic and a modern favorite. Today, pear-shaped engagement rings are available as vintage treasures and brand new from jewelers all around the world. If you choose to embark on a search for a pre-owned pear-shaped engagement ring, chances are you’ll find a one-of-a-kind ring filled with stories and memories made by those who previously wore it. If you are on the hunt for brand new and affordable engagement rings, those with pear-shaped diamonds might include modern elements like multiple stones, highly decorated accompanying bands or other trending touches. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a pear-shaped engagement ring! 

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