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the bliss ring in rose gold

So you’ve landed on the pear-shaped engagement ring. Good for you! This glamorous antique-inspired shape is an all-time classic that’s making a comeback in a big way. Fashionistas like Victoria Beckham, Katherine Heigl and Anna Kournikova have rocked this fabulous and fashion-forward diamond, making it a popular pick among ladies who aren’t afraid to break the mold.

But, thanks to its inherent intrigue and unique shape, the pear-shaped diamond shouldn’t be styled with just any old engagement ring. You’ve got to find a pear pair that honors the elegance of this pretty setting and doesn’t deter from its individuality. 

Luckily, we’ve handpicked a few that we think would pear perfectly with your sweet fruit-shaped stone. Here are our favorite wedding bands to go with your glamorous pear-shaped engagement ring. Note that all of these rings come in your choice of silver or rose gold to match or accent your ring.

Learn the Different Types of Engagement Rings

1. The Forever – We’re smitten by this simple yet enchanting half-eternity wedding band. Featuring a gorgeous twisting look, this wedding band features smaller oval stones that beautifully complement your pear-shaped engagement ring. It’s perfect for ladies who love the idea of stackable wedding bands but still want to highlight the main attraction.

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2. The Zoey – The Zoey is our ultra-popular jeweled chevron engagement band, and it’s picture-perfect for the pear-shaped wearer because it features a sleek protrusion to complement the shape of the center stone. This makes the band and ring look totally made for each other — just like you and your spouse-to-be! 

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the paige ring


3. The Paige – Like the Zoey, the Paige features a super-trendy chevron style with a dip at the center for a little pop of pizzazz. However, the Paige forgoes stones for a sleek, all-metal look in your choice of silver or rose gold. This is the perfect pick for the pear-wearer who loves a classic or minimalist look. 

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4. The Bella – The Bella is another pretty pear partner that features small oval stones to complement the tapered edges of the main sparkler. It’s a full eternity band — meaning the stones wrap around the ring entirely — and it features a 2.5-milimeter width for a more dainty look and feel. If you love all-around glimmer and want the ability to mix and match stacks, this is a top choice.

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5. The Chloe – Simple yet sophisticated, the Chloe is a channel-set stacking wedding band featuring all-around stones flanked by a pretty silver rim. It’s perfect for creating a net, clean edge and adding some sparkle in a timeless way. It’s totally versatile and honors almost any ring style, making it the perfect pick for your pear show-stopper.

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the promise ring

6. The Promise – This classic beauty makes a beautiful accent to pretty much any engagement ring shape, but it looks particularly at home alongside a brilliantly sparkling pear. Like the rest of the rings on this list, the Promise comes in your choice of silver or rose gold. You can also order it in yellow gold if you love the classic look.

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Finding the Perfect Pair to Your Pear

We know you spent hours trying to find the ring style that felt the most like you, so it only makes sense that you spend just as much time seeking out its perfect match. Modern Gents is here to help you every step of the way so you feel great about your purchase. Make sure to explore our entire selection of stacked wedding bands and wedding ring sets at Modern Gents to find something that goes together like a dream.

Discover Your Perfect Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring