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a woman wearing the belle and the forever rings

Featured: The Belle and The Forever

If you are wondering what wedding bands match up with the distinctive statement made by unique oval engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the challenge: Oval engagement rings balance classic serenity with a bold approach. It’s quite an acrobatic feat, so you don’t want to throw them off their game or disrupt their equilibrium. Luckily enough, oval engagement rings are happy to share the spotlight with a wide array of wedding bands, as long as they are trustworthy partners. We’re happy to help you hold auditions for potential candidates.

Before we get into specific suggestions, let’s look at why you might have gotten an oval engagement ring in the first place, so we can make sure that the wedding band stays on mission.

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Who Should Wear Oval Rings?

In the same way that anyone can pull off classics like sterling silver or yellow gold, oval wedding rings tend to look good on everyone. Of course, just like those classics, while everyone looks good in them, some look better than others. 

Oval ring styles are sort of like aviator sunglasses in ring form. However, they do look best on people with shorter fingers or wider hands. A solitaire engagement ring, especially an oval-shaped one, is going to flatter the shorter, wider hands by elongating the fingers visually. 

The minimalist design is a huge part of this as chunkier and more ornate rings tend to take up more visual space and detract from the look. While you may find oval rings with side stones and pavé settings, this ring size and shape lends itself best to subtler styles. No matter what you choose, it’s certain that an oval ring is going to look good for the duration of your ownership of it. Seriously, if you see vintage oval rings, you know they still look good. Hard to argue against the oval cut engagement ring as a long-term value.

Elongation is one of an oval engagement ring’s most attractive qualities. Somehow, it tends to have an elegant slimming effect on stubbier fingers, while still managing to flatter long, slender digits. It also looks larger than it is because you get more surface area with an oval cut. Most oval cuts have a vertical, north/south orientation that runs parallel with the finger. Because of the elongating effect and the large surface area, the stone hangs over the shank of the ring on either side, rather than simply perching atop it. 

Let’s think through what that might mean for a complementary wedding band.

a woman wearing the elena the forever and the chloe rings

Featured: The ElenaThe Forever and The Chloe  

Wedding Band Options for Oval Engagement Rings

Accommodate the Extension

You can pick a sleek and dainty wedding band that will slide easily under the overhang, especially if the band on the engagement ring itself is simple. If you enjoy simpler wedding band sets, this is likely the way to go. You allow the engagement ring stone to do the visual heavy lifting while the other bands complement it effortlessly. With this look, there’s no doubt about where the star of the show is and, thus, no conflict visually. It’s hard to argue against that!

Check out this pairing of The Always and The Elena. The large stone remains the focal point and the lovely bands, available in beautiful finishes like rose gold, enhance the effect without distracting from it.

Swerve Into the Curves

Oval engagement rings delight in curves. Don’t compete with them, but complement them. Think of these like the enjoyable twists and turns of a road trip along the coast. You wouldn’t try to fight against the road. At least, you shouldn’t. Instead, lean into the experience and come away with a new set of memories. Case in point: Take that same Elena and weave in the twists and turns of a curved wedding band like The Sadie.

Match the Audacity

Sometimes the bold statement of the oval setting rests on a bold foundation of the band of the engagement ring itself. With the triple channel of The Queen, the oval setting doesn’t actually stick out that far, so no need to worry about sliding under it. Instead, the gauntlet is thrown down to match the statement with something equally bold. Maybe The Eternity wedding band! For those who aren’t afraid for their finger to make a statement, create a customized wedding ring set that features all the bling!

a woman wearing the ava and the eternity rings

Featured: The Ava and The Eternity

Emphasize the Elegance

Oval settings accommodate grandeur. But they can also dabble in daintiness. Take a peek at the petite engagement ring that is The Ava. Then, introduce The Promise, and watch the two mirror each other in refinement. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Ring Stack

If you want to be bold but also slide under, try stacking two eternity bands next to an oval engagement ring. This can offer an incredibly bold and elegant bridal set look. The Belle halo engagement ring and The Desire have great group chemistry, but feel free to mix and match stackable wedding bands until you find the perfect fit. Sometimes the ideal engagement ring set is the result of some experimentation, so Modern Gents offers hassle-free exchanges.

Explore Stackable Wedding Bands

The earth measures its years in terms of elliptical orbits around the sun, so it’s fitting that you’ve chosen an oval engagement ring as a symbol of your own celestial partnership. With quality materials and a lifetime guarantee, Modern Gents is committed to getting you a wedding band in keeping with the course you’ve already set. Whether you want a modern look or embrace art deco style, there’s a wedding ring out there that will perfectly complement your beautiful oval engagement ring.